Air France Flight status

Air France Flight status

Via you can turn any device into an Air France flight status tracker in seconds. To follow the Air France flight status you just have follow the steps below:

  • Take your flight number that you want to track;
  • On the top right corner you find a looking glass logo, click on it;
  • Enter the Air France flight number;
  • You will see a drop down menu showing all the flights and extra information about the Air France flight status. Select the flight that you are interested in by clicking on it. The radar will now find the plane and follow it on the Air France flight status tracker

Air France History

Air France was established more than 80 years ago in Paris. In October 1933 Air France emerged from a merger between two other French airlines. Air France also became the French flag carrier in October of 1933. The company was historically headquartered at Montparnasse in Paris. Air France has always been a prominent European airline and has at many points in the past occupied a spot amongst the five biggest airlines worldwide. Notably, Air France also was the first airline to operate scheduled flights to West Berlin during the cold war era before the fall of the wall.

At the dawn of the jet age, Air France was one of the first airlines to add jetliners to its fleet. The worlds first passenger jet aircraft, the DeHavilland Comet made its debut in Air France. Air France continued to expand its jet-powered fleet until it eventually became the largest operator of Boeing 747 aircraft. Due to restrictive policies imposed by the French government Air France had limited routes to African airspace, however, after the French government relaxed these regulations the company was able to once again serve a wide range of destinations in Africa and beyond. Air France was also one of two operators of the legendary Concorde supersonic jet. The jet enabled passengers to travel from Paris to New York in just over three hours. The only other Concorde operator was British Airways.

In 2003 Air France and KLM entered into a merger which saw the creation of Air France-KLM. Both airlines had been struggling financially and the merger was entered into in an attempt to return to profitability. After several years of restructuring, the airline has returned to profitability and is once again a major player in the international aviation industry.

Air France Flight Status

Air France Fleet

Air France has a longstanding tradition of continually modernising its fleet, as a result of this, it has numerous times been the launch customer for new aircraft. Air France was the largest operator of Boeing 747 jumbo jets, at one point they had the largest 747 fleet in operation. After operating 747’s from 1970 onwards, the last 747 flight was on 14 January 2016, the occasion was marked with a special flight. Air France uses Airbus A320 and Boeing 777 aircraft as its main fleet, these are complemented by a total of 10 Airbus A-380 superjumbo jets. All aircraft are equipped with advanced systems allowing the flights to be tracked with applications like

Air France has recently introduced their first Boeing 787 to the fleet and will gradually be introducing more 787’s in the coming years. The new fleet will offer previously unsurpassed levels of comfort and luxury for all passengers, but especially for business and first class ticket holders.

Air France Interesting Facts

Air France in co-operation with Lufthansa and SAS established Amadeus, a platform used to give more customers access to ticketing information and process sales with ease. Via partnership agreements with various other companies, Air France offers customers the ability to purchase total vacation packages that include air travel, car rental and accommodation. Iron Maiden, the English heavy metal band uses a retired Air France Boeing 747 as their official mode of transport on world tours.

Air France flight status Arrival times and Departure times

You can also track the arrival times and departure times of any Air France flight on our website! Simply click here and use the search function in the flight radar to check the arrival and departure times of the flight you with to track.

Air France Destinations

Air France uses the hub and spoke system and flies to most international destinations from its main hub at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Popular destinations include the transatlantic journey from Paris to New York. Air France flies to a total of 201 international destinations and 36 domestic French destinations. The airline also covers the Europe – Africa route extensively with many African destinations on offer.

Hubs and Focus Cities