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History of Avianca

This is the largest Columbian airline that was founded in 1919 as SCADTA with their headquarters in Bogota. The airline has been the flag carrier and national airline since the very beginning of aviation in the country. It functions from El Dorado International Airport as its main hub. Avianca S.A. is the second oldest airline in the world after KLM and will celebrate its centenary in 2019 and the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. The airline consists of a group of seven airlines from Latin American origin, which combine their operations under a code sharing system. Avianca is owned by a South American company Synergy Group S.A. and is listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange.

Avancia Flight Status

The Avianca Fleet

The Avancia Fleet consists of 132 aircraft which include their cargo fleet. The fleet consists of the Airbus A320 family range ranging from the A319, A321 and A330 aircraft along with several Boeing 787-8 aircraft. The cargo fleet consists of Airbus A300-200F aircraft. They also use the twin prop ATR72-600, Embraer 190 and Cessna 208 aircraft. They have more than 130 new planes on order which will renew their fleet and ensure that they have the latest fuel-efficient planes in their fleet.

Avianca Interesting Facts

The name Avianca is a Spanish acronym that means “Airways of the American Continent” The airline had a few incidents in the 1980’s and 90’s which placed the spotlight on them. Their Flight 203 was bombed in 1989 in order to kill the presidential candidate Trujillo, who was not on board, the notorious Pablo Escobar gave the order. The other incidents relate to hijackings and shootings that were gang related.

Avianca flight status Arrival times and Departure times

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Avianca Destinations

Avianca flies to more than 114 destinations in 27 different countries and it has codeshare agreements with more than 17 airlines. The main hub is located in Bogota with hubs in San Salvador and Lima. Their cities where they focus is Medellin, San Jose, Quito, Cali and Miami in the United States. Avianca is the foreign carrier who flies the most passengers from Miami. All flights can also be tracked using applications like to monitor the progress of the flight as it crosses the globe. You can get constant updates and alerts when possible delays occur, ensuring that you are always informed on the status of your flight

Hubs and Focus Cities