Hawaiian Airlines Flight Status

Via flightstatus24.com you can turn any device into an Hawaiian Airlines flight status tracker in seconds. To follow the Hawaiian Airlines flight status you just have follow the steps below:

  • Take your flight number that you want to track;
  • On the top right corner you find a looking glass logo, click on it;
  • Enter the Hawaiian Airlines flight number;
  • You will see a drop down menu showing all the flights and extra information about the Hawaiian Airlines flight status. Select the flight that you are interested in by clicking on it. The radar will now find the plane and follow it on the Hawaiian Airlines flight status tracker

Hawaiian Airlines History

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the oldest in the world and can trace it routes all the way back to 1929 when it was incorporated as Inter-Island Airways. At first, the airline only offered sightseeing tours over the islands that form Hawaii. The airline soon began offering regularly scheduled services between the main islands and turned a profit. In order to take advantage of the boom period in aviation, Hawaiian Airlines began with commercial flights to the US mainland in 1985. This move placed greater pressure on the airline from its competitors and the airline was in need of modernising its fleet to jet aircraft.

The process of modernising the fleet began in 1985 with the introduction of the first jet-powered aircraft to the Hawaiian fleet. During the 1990’s the airline was faced with dire financial circumstances and almost went under. Due to restructuring and the addition of more routes, Hawaiian airlines soon returned to profitability and began expanding their network more and more. Entry into the Pacific market was achieved when Hawaiian began their Honolulu – Tokyo flights.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Status

Hawaiian Airlines Fleet

The Hawaiian airlines fleet consist of 57 jet-powered aircraft that service a total of 26 destinations. Hawaiian uses several Boeing models in addition to its Airbus fleet for long-haul routes. The Hawaiian airlines fleet has never been involved in any serious incidents and has never suffered any loss of life or aircraft in its operational history. In order to track the status of any Hawaiian Airlines flight, you can visit flightradar.co.uk to see the current status of a specific flight.

Hawaiian Airlines Interesting Facts

The airlines is the 10th biggest commercial Airline in the United States and have continually expanded the routes that they can offer to customers via code-sharing agreements with other airlines. Hawaiian Airlines is also recognised as being one of the safest and most efficient airlines of all time.

Hawaiian Airlines flight status Arrival times and Departure times

You can also track the arrival times and departure times of any Hawaiian Airlines flight on our website! Simply click here and use the search function in the flight radar to check the arrival and departure times of the flight you with to track.

Hawaiian Airlines Destinations

Hawaiian Airlines serves all inter-island routes in Hawaii. You can also book a flight to several Pacific destinations such as China, Japan and the US East Coast. The airline offers a total of 29 destinations to choose from. The airline is planning a further expansion of its routes with the addition of several new destinations in the coming years.

Hawaiian Airlines Destinations