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KLM is an acronym for Koninklijke Luchvaart Maatschappij or Royal Airline Company. The company was established in 1919 and is the oldest airline that still operates under its original name. The airline is one of the oldest in the world and recently celebrated its 98th year of operation. The first flight that KLM undertook was on 17 May 1920 from Croydon airport in London to Amsterdam. The airline began operating regularly scheduled flights to Jakarta in the East-Indies. The island was then known as Batavia and was still a Dutch colony. This flight held the record as the longest commercial flight until the outbreak of the second world war. The sky above Europe was a dangerous place to be in the 1940’s and several KLM flights were attacked by the German Luftwaffe during the war. One aircraft, a Douglas DC-3 was attacked three times, on the third attack it succumb to the war and all crew and passengers were lost in the resulting crash. In an attempt to aid in the war effort, KLM put some of its planes at the disposal of the allied forces to carry people away from danger. At the end of the second world war, KLM immediately began rebuilding its European flight network, by 1948 they had achieved their goal of restoring services to all destinations.

The first jet-powered aircraft was introduced to the KLM fleet in 1960 in the form of a Douglas DC-8. In the jet age era, KLM continued to expand its fleet further and added more destinations. The company has a long and proud history of being one of the best airlines in Europe and abroad and it works hard to keep that tradition alive.

KLM Flight Status

KLM Fleet

KLM operated their first flights using turboprop aircraft with piston engines. The manufacturer of choice for them was Focker and De Haviland. The aircraft were well known for their reliability and ease of use which made it an obvious choice for the airline. In modern times KLM has looked at the Airbus A320 range for their international and regional flights. KLM operates a total of 119 aircraft across all its operations. For long-haul international flights, the airline uses either Airbus or Boeing aircraft. All aircraft in the KLM fleet are equipped with advanced technology that allows the status of any flight to be tracked via flightradar.co.uk

KLM Interesting Facts

KLM is one of a few airlines today that still operate under the same name it started with more than 90 years ago. Air France and KLM merged in 2003 to form Air France KLM making them one of the biggest airlines in Europe and the world. The airline holds a royal warrant from the Dutch Royal Family which is why it is allowed to be called Royal Dutch Airlines. Last, but not least, KLM is one of the airlines with the best safety records around, since its inception the airline has been the victim of only one major disaster.

KLM flight status Arrival times and Departure times

You can also track the arrival times and departure times of any KLM flight on our website! Simply click here and use the search function in the flight radar to check the arrival and departure times of the flight you with to track.

KLM Destinations

KLM is one of oldest airlines in the world and as a result offers flights to all major regional and international airports. KLM operates using the hub and spoke system from its main hub at Schipol airport in Amsterdam. A total of 140 destinations spread over six continents are available to KLM customers. KLM also offers full package deals that include flights, hotel rooms and a rental car for your perfect holiday. KLM has taken the time to study the needs of passengers and included this into the design of their aircraft interiors.

KLM Hubs

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