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Ryanair flights

History of Ryanair

Ryanair was founded on November 28, 1984, with its headquarters located in Swords, Dublin, Ireland. Ryanair is an Irish low-cost carrier with Dublin and London-Stansted airports as its primary operational bases. The airline was founded by a group of Irish businessmen including Tony Ryan (founder of Guinness Peat Aviation), Christopher Ryan, and Liam Lonergan, as Danren Enterprises, it was then named Ryanair after Tony Ryan. From its humble beginning as a small airline flying from Waterford to London Gatwick, Ryanair has grown into one of Europe’s largest carriers.

Ryanair’s Fleet

Ryanair has a fleet of over 450 Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a passenger capacity of 189 and an average age of 6.5 years. By 2024, Ryanair is set to grow its fleet to 585 with orders of the new 210 Boeing 737 aircraft.

Ryanair Destinations

Ryanair operates over 2,000 flights per day, from 215 airports, in 37 countries and 1,800 routes. Ryanair still serves a number of major airports, even though it traditionally prefers to fly to secondary airports outside major cities to help its company lower its landing fees and have a quick turn-around time to reduce costs.

Just like Southwest Airlines, Ryanair flies in a point to point system rather than the traditional airline hub and spoke model.

Ryanair Interesting Facts

Ryanair took inspiration for their success from the Southwest Airlines of the United States with their quick turnarounds and by doing away with the frills.

In 33 years of flying, Ryanair has never had an accident. The closest the airline has come to a serious accident was on 2008 when one of their aircraft experienced bird strikes, where two crew members and eight passengers were brought to the hospital for minor injuries.

Ryanair also offers luxury private jet travel in their Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The private jet can take up to 60 passengers with a range of fine dining catering facilities and all business class, reclining, leather seats.

Ryanair may often be criticized for their low-quality customer service but they take pride with their punctuality. With its over 600,000 flights every year, 88% of their flights arrived on time, making them the most punctual global airline.

Ryanair Flight Status: Arrival and Departure Time

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