WestJet Encore Flight Status

WestJet Encore History

WestJet Encore was founded in 2013. It is a Canadian low-cost regional carrier that is owned by WestJet Airlines, Ltd. Before its inauguration, a wide selection of names has been shortlisted such as Chinock, Echo, and Reach.  This airline makes use of Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft intending to increase the frequency of flights and expand its services to routes with less traffic. Its headquarter is located in Calgary, Alberta and its pilots’ bases are in Calgary as well as in Toronto. As it began its operations, scheduled services start in Western Canada and later on added routes to the eastern half of the country.

In the year 2012, WestJet Encore was able to order Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 NextGen. A year after, the said company received an Air Operator Certificate separate to WestJet Airlines. On the same year, the two Q400s has commenced its first flight. It flew to Calgary International Airport, Saskatoon, as well as in Vancouver. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) assigned the airline code WR which has been previously used by Royal Tongan Airlines.

In the year 2014, WestJet Encore began its service on the eastern part of Canada that is centered on Toronto and Halifax. In the year 2015, the fleet has expanded to 43 aircraft.  With that quick and huge progress, the company becomes the largest operator of Q400 aircraft. Two years after, it has entered the international market with flights serving Boston Logan Airport and Nashville International Airport. As being said, this airlines fly using Q400 NextGen and almost 50% of its passengers are said to be traveling on connecting flights with WestJet Airlines. In the year 2017, it holds the title of being the fourth largest operator of the said aircraft worldwide.

WestJet Encore Destinations

This Canadian airline flies primarily to or from Calgary, Toronto, and Halifax. Included in its routes are the small cities in the country such as Brandon, Manitoba to Calgary which is known for its oil industry. As the year passed by, another route was added and increased its frequency like the route between Calgary and Saskatoon. It also offers flight outside of Canada such as Boston, Nashville, and, on a seasonal basis, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Kelowna, British Columbia, and Fort McMurray, Alberta. The flights of WestJet Encore are numbers from 3100 to 3899.

WestJet Encore Fleet

WestJet Encore only operates a single type of aircraft which is Bombardier Q400 NextGen. It is said to be an updated version of the Bombardier Dash 8-400.  What’s best about its feature is that it has active noise suppression that provides a much quieter passenger cabin. Currently, it has a total of 47 aircraft that are in service which can accommodate 78 passengers. If you want to track WestJet Encore’s fleet, you can make use of the most reliable flight tracking system that enables you to locate the aircraft of your choice and be able to access significant information about this. If you desire, you can be notified real-time regarding the flight status and airport information.

Hubs and Focus Cities