No Sweat! 10 Tips To Deal With Airport Stress

July 9th, 2019
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Travelling to a new destination can be one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have in their life; you get to explore a new destination, experience a new culture and taste scrumptious dishes. But going there can also be a whole new adventure in itself. This is highly applicable when in an airport where problems can arise, especially if you don’t check your plane on flightstatus24. If you want to avoid stress, perhaps these ten tips can assist you.

Book A Weekday Flight

Expect a lot of people traffic Friday nights as well as the rest of the weekend due to people flying in trying to either squeeze in a quick holiday or just wanting to see their family over the weekend. And who wants to deal with long lines at security or at the check-in counter? Schedule your flight either on a Tuesday or Thursday. If you’re determined to fly out on a Monday, schedule it after lunch.

Be Early

Have you ever been stuck in a cab and couldn’t help but keep looking at your watch just to make sure you get to the airport on time? This can be easily avoided by doing one very simple, easy thing: leave your location early. There are a number of factors which can cause you to be late for your plane, namely an accident on the road, traffic, or long lines at the airport itself. International flights require you to be at the airport three hours before your departure, while domestic flights require you to be there an hour before your flight. Give yourself at least an hour’s allowance to avoid the panic and worry.

Carry Only Your Necessities

It’s understood that you have to pack a lot of things, but what about your carry-on? If you have check-in bags, don’t really need to fill those seven kilos. Bring only what is needed because when looking for that pack of tissues, you might unload a few things on the bench and accidentally leave them there, therefore transforming what’s supposed to be a smooth sailing trip into a panic filled one . So what are these must haves? Your medication, tissue, powerbank, cable, pens, an extra set of clothes, and other things that you know you absolutely cannot live without.

Charge Your Gadgets

Everyone is wired these days and perhaps one of the most frustrating situations a traveler can face is a mobile device with a dying battery— and a four- hour trip to look forward to. Sure, there are sockets all around the airport, but you’ll be tied to that spot for the next hour, guarding over your gadget. Dodge this problem by bringing a fully charged power bank with you and ensuring your device is fully charged before leaving home.

Bring Your Own Food

There may be a number of things you cannot bring inside the airport and one of those things is certainly not food, something that a lot of travelers seem to forget. What you do need to remember is whatever you are bringing in must meet the usual airport regulations. Bringing your own snacks is especially recommended if you’re travelling on a budget as airport food tends to be overpriced. By having your own food, you no longer need to endure your hunger just to save a few bucks or put up with the snaking line at the hotdog stall, thus saving you some precious time and money.

Get Moving!

Once you’re all set up, you now have to wait for your plane. And frankly speaking, this waiting can be the worst part for some. The tension and anxiety build, the anticipation makes them feel even more restless. To counter  this, perhaps some legwork can help out. Do some walking, explore the terminal and

Listen to Some Tunes

Airports are some of the busiest places in the world and also some of the noisiest.  While some people don’t mind the fracas they hear, there are those who are irritated by the sounds going on around them. If you’re one of the latter, then better bring a pair of earphones or slip on that headset, press play on your device as you banish the racket and focus on that sweet music flowing through your ears.

If You Can, Check-in Online

When traveling, there are times when all you need is a carry-on bag for the quick trip you’re taking. On that note, why not just check-in online? You’ll not just bypass that long line at the check-in counter, but you’ll also save some time as well. Another advantage to this is you can do it as early as the day before  your flight. Convenient, right?

Dress Appropriately

You know you’re going through security, so why wear bulky clothing or plaintively speaking, clothes with a good deal of metal on them? Make it easy on yourself; wear bottoms that do not require belts such as drawstring pants and avoid high-top shoes to make your trip through security quicker and less stressful.

Don’t  Be In A Rush To Board

You’re at your gate, calmly waiting when it’s announced that the gate is now open; you can now que to board your plane. Your heartbeat quickens and you quickly stand from your seat, only to be greeted by a snaking line. Here’s something you should remember: you’ve checked-in already, you have an assigned seat in the plane and you are all going to the same place so there is absolutely no need to rush. Once the line has dwindled down to a couple of people, then go ahead and head for the counter.

The airport may seem like a large, daunting place, but with these tips, you’re sure to be a master in avoiding any stress before your flight. And remember, before stepping foot into the plane, to take a deep breathe and remember to enjoy the adventure awaiting you. Happy trip!