A Report Found That Air India Is Now the Most Punctual Airline in India

December 12th, 2022
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A Report Found That Air India Is Now the Most Punctual Airline in India

What are the achievements of N. Venkatakrishnan, CEO and managing director of Tata Sons yet to be announced. They’ve made Air India turn into a punctual airline in a short span of time. Though there’s still a long way to go before the carrier is at its best level, the current on-time performance data shows that it has been trying behind the scenes to resolve its problems.

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Air India has finally received some great news. One of their most vital numbers jumped, and their results are looking great. In October, Air India’s on-time performance rose by 2.6% to reach 90.8%. This is a rare and significant number that hasn’t been seen in eight years.

Air India is a brand that’s in financial trouble. It has not topped any of the ranking lists since 2014, and it routinely fails to meet expectations. In July 2019, its OTP was 53.8%.

As part of their effort to improve customer satisfaction, the Tatas have made significant strides in the area of punctuality. Although there’s still some time before they can expect smoother aircraft interiors, it was good that improvement efforts began so quickly.

Holdings among Tata Group carriers constitutes top three spots

TATA has made great strides in the last few weeks, with Air India securing two consecutive spots on the OTP chart, both at third place. This past month, they also managed to pull ahead of AirAsia India and top three positions once again with their punctual performance of 89%.

In October, IndiGo proved to be the next best airline after even the Tata carriers in terms of overall touchdown performance. They recently implemented strict operational changes to get back in the game and asked pilots to reach airports at least 75 minutes before departure, letting them stand inside their planes at least 35 minutes before intended take-off. They also have 15-minute requirements for pre-departure procedures that need to be completed.

Of the four top rated airlines in this study, Alliance Air had the lowest OTP, followed by SpiceJet with a score of 68.9%. Go First came in last with a score of 60.7%.

Being responsible is taking charge

Air India’s turnaround is attributed to the leadership from Campbell Wilson, the new CEO. This comes just months after he took the position and immediately started the process of turning around this service by instituting several key changes.

By communicating with the airline’s integrated operations control center, Gary Wilson made his mark on the company. He was able to make suggestions that would improve on-time performance and slowly turn the airline around.

So, the OTP result is a step in the right direction, and it’s always reassuring to see when good changes happen that have been executed properly.