Alaska Airlines Has Unveiled Their Newest Release of a Christmas-Themed Livery

November 30th, 2022
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Alaska Airlines Has Unveiled Their Newest Release of a Christmas-Themed Livery

Alaska Airlines is back this holiday season! Follow our Christmas logo and livery and experience the holiday joy. In addition to a unique new logo and livery, Alaska Airlines is rolling out helpful giveaways for their frequent flier program.

Unveiling the Gift of Travel

Airlines, who are known for their livery designs, have created one for their latest round of flights, which isn’t part of a marketing deal or partnership. They’ve decided to go with ‘The Gift of Travel,’ featuring the entire aircraft as a gift and adorned with an adorable blue bow ribbon at the base.

The aircraft, bearing a festive livery, is a three-year-old Boeing 737 MAX 9 registered N913AK. The plane was delivered to Alaska Airlines in January 2021 and the paint job took nearly a week all thanks to the plane’s stay at Paine Field between November 10th to November 16th.

The Boeing narrowbody jet took off for its first flight with the new, stunning look just in time for the holidays. With Alaska Airlines during this period or simply plane-spotting, it’s sure to be an aircraft you’ll want to receive. “The Gift of Travel” is a great present, given by Alaska Airlines to flyers over the holidays.

In the spirit of giving

Alaska Airlines is donating 1 million miles to its CARE Miles program to show their support for their customers and showcasing the season’s spirit. They encourage those who are subscribers to donate the fuel they save during flights in order to support a cause close to their hearts.

Helpful organizations include but are not limited to the Alaska Airlines Disaster Relief Pool, the Alaska Airlines Miles for Youth, Angel Flight West, Dream Foundation, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Foundation, the American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and many more.

By donating your unused miles from your frequent flyer program to charity, you help those in need. CARE Miles connects those in need of care and transportation with charities such as the Doerr Emergency fund in Gainesville, Georgia. By donating your miles, you can also help a child reach a wish or help wounded military members get around.

Bottom line

Alaska Airlines and its frequent flyers have donated 39 million miles of air travel so far this year, raising a total of $4.4 million for various charities; now N913AK is flying through the airline’s network this holiday season. As you fly, keep an eye out for the special visual gift that’s appearing in Alaska Airlines’ paint scheme.