Another Lufthansa Airbus A380 Goes To France For Long-Term Storage

February 26th, 2021
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According to Simple flying, another one of Lufthansa’s Airbus A380 was taken back to long-term storage. The aircraft, D-AIMI was ferried to Tarbes in France, to go into long-term storage. Following this current action, and the airline’s CEO’s longstanding doubt of the type, it remains uncertain whether the A380 will make a comeback with the German company.

Although the A380 is considered to be remarkable in terms of its engineering, it has failed to impress many airlines, seeing as there is a trend against four-engined giants in aviation. On the other hand, Emirates stands committed to the type for the following decade and a half, and Singapore Airlines continues to refurbish its fleet.

Data from show that the plane began its one-hour, 25-minute flight as LH9920, taking off from the Frankfurt Airport at around 0742hrs in the morning of. At 0908hrs, the aircraft landed at its new home.

Lufthansa had started relocating all the A380s still in its fleet away from Frankfurt one month ago. During that time, an airline spokesperson is quoted to have said,

“Lufthansa will start the transfer of five of its Airbus A380s from Frankfurt to Teruel/Spain or Lourdes-Tarbes/France to save overall parking and storage costs, as we currently have higher fees in Frankfurt than those in Teruel or Lourdes. The five A380s will be relocated between January and May 2021, starting today to Tarbes with the registration D-AIMC. The other four aircraft are scheduled to be transferred one by one, each month one aircraft.”

After this most recent flight, only five Airbus A380s remain at Frankfurt Airport. Three of the remaining aircraft would join 7 of Lufthansa A380s at the aircraft storage facility located in the Spanish city of Teruel. The remaining two Airbus A380s will remain active in Frankfurt, giving Lufthansa the ability to transport several hundreds of people if it becomes necessary.