Emirates Has Replaced All of Their Hamburg Airbus A380 Flights With Boeing 777 Flights

November 25th, 2022
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Emirates Has Replaced All of Their Hamburg Airbus A380 Flights With Boeing 777 Flights

Emirates is a large airline that operates in many different parts of the world. In the past, Emirates has announced that they’ll operate flights on routes such as this one through both the winter and summer. However, in their latest schedule filing, all quads on the route now have gone, although it could change later.

No more A380 to Hamburg

Emirates’ latest A380 flight from Dubai to Hamburg was on October 31st. The airline has operated the four-engine double-decker to the city since October 29th, 2018, so this is the end – for now, anyway – almost exactly four years after it started.

Emirates isn’t shutting down its routes to Hamburg this winter or next summer. They’ll still operate 2x daily flights by the 777-300ER, just in a slightly different order than before.

Emirates to Hamburg flight summary

Emirates has a long history of serving Hamburg. The air carrier for years ago started to fly 1x daily to the city. It originally used the A330-200 and A340-500, but later also used the non-ER A380, as well as its larger 777 models – including the 777-200ER and 777-200LR.

The route switch to Dubai-Hamburg-New York JFK occurred in October 2006, until March 2008 when it stopped. From then until now, Emirates flights that go through Hamburg are sponsored by them. Their timings are nearly identical to the EK59/EK60 that traveled today.

Emirates operates over 17,876 roundtrip flights to Hamburg every year. They have more than seven million seats for sale and more than five-and-a-half million passengers have flown their planes. Plus, they’ve transported nearly a hundred tons of freight. That’s why they’re perfect for connecting European cities with Dubai.

Passengers in the city of Hamburg can go to different places

Analyzing booking data from the last full year unaffected by coronavirus, Hamburg found that Emirates carried 482,000 passengers and 90% of them flew on a nonstop flight. This was consistent with their strong points-to-point strategy, which means that most passengers were not transiting beyond the UAE hub.

Half of the people were either making their way through Hamburg, Colombo, Male, Phuket, Singapore, Manila, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tehran (despite the backtracking), or Sydney. The most popular countries to transit via were Thailand, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.