GOL Is Introducing a New Livery to Promote Brazil’s Participation in This Year’s Fifa World Cup

December 1st, 2022
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GOL Is Introducing a New Livery to Promote Brazil’s Participation in This Year’s Fifa World Cup

GOL Linhas Aéreas, Brazil’s premiere airline and the official carrier of the Brazilian national football team, will be hosting a special livery on one of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft. This livery is promoting the upcoming FIFA World Cup and encouraging people to support their national team by purchasing tickets. It’s the latest in many airlines across the world doing this type of promotion.

The aircraft

Brazil announced on Wednesday that it was unveiling a new livery that promotes Brazil’s participation in the next World Cup. The shirt features colors chosen to represent Brazil’s five world titles, and is one of the top teams for fans of the game to get excited about.

GOL is currently the official carrier of Brazil’s Football Confederation and was chosen to be the game-day provider for both the Brazilian and European competitions. The jet revealed today at Belo Horizonte International Airport has a livery that celebrates the team’s second goal against Croatia, which sent them to the 2018 World Cup.

Gol’s aircraft features the logo of Brazil’s football confederation, with the phrase “GOL do Brasil” (Brazil’s Goal!), and they painted a green jersey number on each letter representing the years Brazil won their FIFA World Cups. Gol only had one painting in 1982, when they were Brazil’s national airline. They brightened up in 1988 when they started to paint again.

Special onboard services during the World Cup

Brazil’s first match of the World Cup is always a big event, so GOL will be building up to the game. We’ll take one lucky person with us for each aircraft to enjoy some delicious hamburgers, cold beer, and other drinks as we fly from Rio de Janeiro to Belgrade!

The aircraft

The livery for GOL’s nine-year-old Boeing 737-800NG was designed by Airline Passion in collaboration with the artist David Kohler. The plane, registration PR-GXB, has a capacity to carry 186 passengers in a two-class configuration and was first ordered by GOL in 2007. It was delivered by Boeing the following year.

Every day, you can find a new and unique football livery with our help

The football squad from Argentina, which goes by the name of the “Indépendencia” was revealed last month. Aerolíneas Argentinas decided to promote the World Cup by painting on its Airbus A330 aircrafts.

Germany’s deployment of an Airbus A330 that made a similar statement to Qatar was seen as a clear message by the country. However, many are more fearful of what this means in terms of political correctness and its use as propaganda.

Brussels Airlines recently added the Brussels Woman’s football team to its fleet. This is an Airbus A320 aircraft, and it has been painted in the national colors that represent the Belgian Women’s football team.