How to Survive 15 Hour Flight

February 21st, 2020
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Rest, entertain, and let time pass quickly. These could be the three objectives of every traveler who is about to make a long-distance flight. The transoceanic trip can last from eight to 15 hours. Although, this year, the record was broken with the path Doha (Qatar) to Auckland (New Zealand) with more than 16 hours.
However, to spend more than half a day on a plane, you need some preparations. Some keys, such as choosing a seat with more space, taking advantage of time doing other things or moving to avoid blocking blood flow, and more are essential tod.
Here are more detailed tips for surviving 15 Hour Flight

1. Choose a good seat

One of the keys to enjoying a pleasant flight is to be a forecaster and choose a good seat in advance. Some airlines allow you to select where you want to sit at the time of booking, and others do so when you check-in online one or two days before the flight departs.
There is a whole science in it. You will even find websites dedicated to the study of the best seat according to the type of aircraft. However, we advise you that the suitability depends on what you are looking for. So, if you want more legroom, you will have to opt for emergency exits or aisle seats. If you want to stay away from crying babies, do not sit close to the place reserved for them. if you need peace of mind, do not choose those near the flight staff or the toilets
On short-haul flights, of one or two hours or so, it is not very necessary to choose a specific seat, and many choose a random one. However, in a transoceanic flight with more than ten hours ahead, choosing a good seat is essential.
The most recommended place is usually the one located at the emergency exits since space is much larger, and you can stretch your legs and enjoy greater comfort.

2. Take some food and hydrate

The food offered on the flight usually leaves a lot to be desired since they are precooked and reheated dishes in the kitchens of the plane. Therefore, you should carry supplies on your part to kill hunger along the way, such as cookies, nuts, or some piece of fruit. In addition to food, it is important that you bring – or buy onboard – water or juices to keep you hydrated.

3. Seize the day

Do not spend all day looking out the window. After three hours of watching the clouds, there will come the time to do something else. Fifteen hours of flight is a long way. You can do other activities such as reading a pending book, watching a movie, or working on the pending project that you have not finished for years.
You can also take advantage of planning the trip you are going to take or read more about the places you will visit. Time will pass faster if you do something that entertains you. Otherwise, there is always the option to give conversation to your seat partner.

4. Try to sleep for a few hours.

Getting rest on board is one of the objectives of every passenger who makes a long-distance flight. Keep in mind that the schedule will be different in our destination. If you can not sleep at least a few hours on the plane, the jet lag effect will be very hard.

5. Move Your Body

It seems silly, but it is one of the most important things to keep in mind on the plane. Staying in the seat for many hours without changing the position can cause deep vein thrombosis syndrome (DVT). It is a blockage of blood flow that causes inflammation and pain in the legs. To avoid any problem, get out of your seat and move around the plane to stretch your legs.

6. Put On Comfortable Clothes

It is not necessary to look glamour to ride the plane. The recommendation is to travel with comfortable clothes and leave aside heels or too much makeup.
Do not hesitate to dress for the occasion and choose well the clothes and footwear that you will use for your long-term flight. Put on baggy and comfortable clothes and leave the jewelry for another time.
Remember that on airplanes, it is usually quite cold, so wear some warm clothes and try to dress in several layers so you can adapt to temperature changes. Besides, it is very important that you select suitable footwear and that, above all, do not squeeze you, since our feet usually swell on long-lasting flights.
After more than half a day locked in an airplane, you will notice the greasy face due to excess makeup. You can also take makeup remover wipes to refresh it.

7. Go prepared

If you want to have a five-star flight experience, write down everything you will need to be comfortable. No more is bring your blanket and pillow that makes you feel at home and help you fall asleep on like a mask and some earplugs ear that isolate you from the rest of the passengers. Some basic hygiene items such as toothbrush and toothpaste in size suitable for hand luggage will make you feel cooler when you spend so much time on a plane.
Do not forget to prepare your visa. This is the most important thing to prepare, especially for an international flight. If you have no idea how to get one, you can visit and get your visa online fast.

8. Don’t carry too much

If you want to be more relaxed both before boarding and when you enter the plane, do not carry too many things in your hand luggage. A heavy cabin suitcase will hinder you when you move around the boarding area and when you have to place it in the places designed for it on the plane.
Sometimes, if the passengers are numerous, it is difficult to find a place for luggage. Therefore, it is best that you go with the right thing to survive a few days in your final destination and thus be able to go quieter when boarding the plane. Do not forget to make a small separate bag in which you carry the indispensable to spend the flight more comfortable (plugs, mask, warm clothes, etc.) and have it on hand instead of having to get up to pick it up from the top.