Portugal Open to Lufthansa’s Potential Involvement in TAP Privatization

June 29th, 2023
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Portugal, in its ongoing efforts to privatize TAP Air Portugal, has expressed its willingness to welcome Lufthansa’s interest in the privatization process. With the aim of strengthening the national carrier and ensuring its long-term viability, Portugal sees Lufthansa’s involvement as a potential opportunity for collaboration and growth. In this article, we will explore Portugal’s stance on Lufthansa’s interest in TAP privatization, its implications for the airline industry, and the potential benefits of such a partnership.

Fostering Strategic Alliances

Portugal’s openness to Lufthansa’s interest in TAP privatization reflects its strategic approach to foster alliances with reputable international airlines. Recognizing the benefits of collaboration, Portugal seeks to leverage Lufthansa’s expertise, global network, and operational capabilities to enhance TAP’s competitiveness and expand its market reach. This approach aligns with Portugal’s commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving national carrier.

Strengthening TAP’s Financial Position:

One of the primary objectives of TAP privatization is to strengthen the airline’s financial position. Lufthansa’s involvement could potentially inject much-needed capital and financial stability into TAP, enabling the airline to invest in modernizing its fleet, upgrading infrastructure, and improving its service offerings. This injection of resources can help TAP navigate the challenges of the aviation industry and position it for long-term success.

Expanding Market Access and Network Growth:

Collaboration between TAP and Lufthansa presents an opportunity for expanded market access and network growth. Lufthansa’s established global network and strong market presence can provide TAP with access to new routes, increased passenger traffic, and improved connectivity. This expanded network can benefit both airlines by offering passengers a broader range of travel options and facilitating seamless connections between destinations.

Leveraging Operational Synergies:

A potential partnership between TAP and Lufthansa could yield operational synergies that drive efficiency and cost savings. Sharing best practices, optimizing route planning, and pooling resources can result in streamlined operations and improved profitability for both airlines. By leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise, TAP and Lufthansa can enhance their overall operational efficiency and provide a more competitive offering in the market.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Collaboration with Lufthansa could also lead to an enhanced customer experience for TAP passengers. Lufthansa’s focus on service excellence and passenger satisfaction can provide valuable insights and best practices that TAP can adopt to elevate its own customer service standards. This partnership has the potential to improve in-flight amenities, customer service processes, and overall passenger experience, thereby boosting customer loyalty and attracting new travelers.

Regulatory Considerations and National Interests

While Portugal welcomes Lufthansa’s interest in TAP privatization, it will carefully consider regulatory requirements and national interests throughout the process. Ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting the country’s strategic aviation assets will remain paramount. Portugal will work diligently to strike a balance between attracting international investment and safeguarding its national aviation industry’s long-term sustainability.


Portugal’s willingness to embrace Lufthansa’s potential involvement in TAP privatization demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the national carrier’s competitiveness and securing its future. By fostering strategic alliances, strengthening financial stability, expanding market access, leveraging operational synergies, and improving the customer experience, TAP and Lufthansa have the opportunity to create a powerful partnership that benefits both airlines and passengers alike. As the privatization process unfolds, the collaboration between TAP and Lufthansa holds the potential to reshape the airline industry landscape in Portugal and beyond.