Qatar Airways to Launch Seattle Flight With Boeing 777

January 29th, 2021
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Tomorrow, Qatar Airways will launch its new flights to Seattle from Doha. Qatar’s flag carrier will use its Boeing 777 aircraft to open flight routes to the West Coast hub. This week, during chats with Qatar Airways SVP of Revenue Management, Alliances and Strategy, Mark Drusch, about why the 777 was the aircraft chosen for this service.

The route to Seattle was first launched with an Airbus A350 in rotation in March. Notwithstanding, the inauguration came early by two months, and the airplane to start this flight was changed to a 777. The widebody will travel to the Pacific Coast city four times each week from January 29th.

Even though it’s preferable for cargo requirements, the 777 won’t necessarily be the permanent or only prime aircraft on the route. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners may also operate once the ongoing works in the cabin are completed. Senior vice president Mr. Drusch said:

“First of all, we are a major Boeing customer. Out of respect for Boeing, let’s start with the 777, number one. Number two, we are expecting a significant cargo, so we’ll take advantage of that. And number three, ultimately, we will put, probably, the 787-9 into Seattle.”

“We’ll start with one aircraft; we’ll see how aircraft become available or needed on other parts of the system, and we’ll move them around as required as markets perform or outperform or grow better than we expected as cargo continues to increase. And then, once the 787-9s are fully outfitted, then that probably is going to be the perfect aircraft for Seattle. But then again, quite honestly, what we’re seeing as our initial traffic flows between us and Alaska in Seattle, the 787-9, a year from now, maybe too small.”

Drusch clarifies that this is the idea of the business. Qatar Airways is regularly not modest to change airplane on its courses on the off chance that it believes it is the best move. There will be dynamism when it comes to aircraft on this service.

Drusch explains that this is the nature of the industry. Moreover, Qatar Airways is often not shy to change aircraft on its routes if it feels it is the best move.