Shannon Airport in Ireland Expects 75,000 Passengers Ahead of New Year’s Eve

February 7th, 2023
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Shannon Airport in Ireland Expects 75,000 Passengers Ahead of New Year’s Eve

Ireland’s Shannon Airport is preparing for a busy holiday season as it expects to welcome approximately 75,000 passengers in the lead up to New Year’s Eve. The airport, located in County Clare, has seen an increase in passenger traffic in recent years and is anticipating a busy winter season as travelers look to visit friends and family or take a well-deserved vacation.

Shannon Airport’s Recent Growth

Shannon Airport has seen a significant increase in passenger traffic in recent years, thanks in part to its strategic location and expanding list of destinations. The airport, which is located just a short drive from the popular tourist destination of the Cliffs of Moher, has seen a rise in both leisure and business travelers. In addition, the airport has expanded its route network, with new flights to destinations such as Barcelona and Faro being added in the past year.

Holiday Season Preparations

In preparation for the busy holiday season, Shannon Airport has implemented a number of measures to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for travelers. Extra staff will be on hand to assist with check-in and baggage handling, and additional measures have been put in place to ensure that social distancing guidelines can be followed.

The airport has also implemented a number of hygiene measures, including the installation of hand sanitizing stations and the increased cleaning of high-touch areas. These measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel Advice for Passengers

As the holiday season approaches, it is important for travelers to be prepared and plan ahead. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport in good time, as there may be additional security checks in place. It is also important to check the latest travel guidelines and requirements, as these may vary depending on the destination.

Overall, Shannon Airport is looking forward to welcoming passengers for the holiday season and is taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience. With its expanding list of destinations and top-notch facilities, Shannon Airport is an excellent choice for those looking to travel this winter.