Taiwan’s China Airlines Has Been Named “Asia’s Best Cargo Airline”

November 15th, 2022
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Taiwan’s China Airlines Has Been Named “Asia’s Best Cargo Airline”

The Taiwanese company China Airlines was named “Best Cargo Airline – Asia” in this month’s issue of the magazine Air Cargo News. International attention to China Airlines’ expertise in freight was reinforced by the renewal of their IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV) certification.

The Air Cargo News Awards cover a wide range of topics. With 11 different awards, they recognize the most important cargo airlines worldwide. This year, China Airlines emerged from over a hundred airlines to win the award for “Best Cargo Airline – Asia”.

When China Airlines came into the pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics market in 2013, they pioneered the use of active temperature-controlled containers. The carriers became the first Taiwanese airline to receive a CEIV Pharma certification from IATA. In recent re-certification efforts, the carrier demonstrated their quality and reliability with large volumes of epidemic prevention supplies transported. They did not stop there, as they continued their pursuit of exceptional service even though they were working while a pandemic was present; helping distribute vaccines to help beat it.

China Airlines is Taiwan’s leading airline, offering operational and financial stability. As a pioneer of Taiwan’s air cargo market, China Airlines has extensive experience transporting high-risk items such as precious relics, precision instruments, vehicles, large machinery, aerospace materials, artworks and live animals. China Airlines implemented a “prioritize cargo” strategy to make the most use of freighter capacity during and after the pandemic. These specially designed planes were able to load up on pallets and crates in a very efficient manner, even when there was limited expected cargo. The belly cargo holds of commercial passenger aircraft were also used to deliver outstanding results for cargo during this time. China Airlines has won many international awards in past years and continues to do so today.

As China Airlines continues to grow, it’s expanding its cargo network and moving towards more sustainable practices. Global demand for new aviation technologies that reduce noise pollution is on the rise, so the airline has moved to introduce eco-friendly aircraft with lower fuel consumption and performance while balancing the tradeoffs between efficiency and sustainability. The push towards greater sustainability aligns with industry trends and operational requirements.