The 10 Best Airline Safety Demonstrations

December 26th, 2022
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The 10 Best Airline Safety Demonstrations

Not all safety demonstrations are created the same. Some might not be as watchable as others or people might not pay attention to them. We compiled a list of some of the best safety demonstrations and figured out what worked so you can use weaknesses in your safety demonstration to your advantage.

Qantas celebrates 100 years (2020)

Qantas‘ 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2020 with a new safety video! This video re-imagines Qantas by combining the fun and happy history of it with all the safety instructions that you need to know. The old aircraft, cabin interiors, and even uniforms and cabin service have been re-imagined by Qantas team members. It’s entertaining to watch, informative, and showcases everything about Qantas perfectly.

Air New Zealand “Bare essentials” offers world-class service to every corner of its extensive global network (2009)

Air New Zealand has released some amazing safety videos over the years, including ones based on “The Hobbit.” One video was described as the “most epic safety video ever made.” But the most memorable was one in 2009 called “Bare Essentials,” which featured staff who were actually just wearing body paint. 

Thomson Airlines released a new TV ad (2009)

As everyone knows, airlines usually advertise their safety videos with very professional models or celebrities to make it interesting. Some of these videos might be quite profound but what we like about the Thomson Airlines video is that it lets us see how cute and endearing children are at being actors.

Virgin Atlantic “The trip” (2014)

Virgin Atlantic has put together a clever marketing campaign with their new safety demonstration video. The journey might seem safe and familiar, but when you watch the whole thing, it is anything but.

Lego Movie’ (2018) is a film that Turkish Airlines produced

Turkish Airlines released a Lego movie showcasing its safety information, and it was well done. Everyone can now enjoy this realistic flight experience with the kids they know and love. It took over 2 years, 3 million bricks, and 2 hours to make the movie!

Korean Air is an airline and on the verge of launching its first BTS

Korean Air pulled off something spectacular for their promotion of the latest airplane safety video, one that incorporated the trend of K-pop and an upbeat electronic production. Their decision to use SuperM for their safety video was a genius move on their part, as well.

British Airways “The director’s cut” (2017/2018)

Two of the most memorable British Airways safety announcements included a cast of well-known faces and even a sequel. The announcements presented safety information with dry wit, keeping passengers interested without making them feel like they were being lectured to.

Delta Air Lines invested in some internet-related news in (2015)

Delta Air Lines decided to use the vernacular of the time, the rise of social media jokes, memes. It was a very unusual presentation and definitely makes you pay attention!

Air France’s “Welcome on board” (2015)

This complete video of the Air France safety rules is extremely stylish and effortlessly sophisticated. I have never seen an aircraft seat belt used as a fashion accessory before!

Virgin America safety dance video (2013)

Virgin America was looking for a way to improve its passenger experience before merging with Alaska Airlines. It decided that a song and dance video might just be the answer. The “Dance Like You Just Don’t Care” music video was well-received, so it became a hit song.