The JFK Airport Recently Said Hello to Singapore Airlines’ A380s

December 19th, 2022
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The JFK Airport Recently Said Hello to Singapore Airlines’ A380s

Travel demand and capacity have recently been evaluated within Singapore Airlines. The company will be implementing significant adjustments to its global route network, as well as highlighting significant aircraft changes for certain destinations.

As of 15th May, 2018, Singapore Airlines will be discontinuing their daily service to JFK airport. These flights will only be using the Boeing 777-300ER instead of the Airbus A380s and that means they will miss out on a superjumbo experience.

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A change in frequencies

The changes to non-stop flights SQ 36 and SQ 35, which would have been a daily service instead of thrice weekly as on March 26thof next year, will result in the introduction of two new daily non-stop flights to Los Angeles via the existing flight SQ 38 and 37. Passengers will have the option of taking a stopover at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport or through current service SQ 12 and 11.

From March 28th, flights intended for the Singapore-Manchester-Houston route will be reduced from four times weekly to three times a week. And from June 27th, non-stop flights between Singapore and Seattle operated on SQ 28 and SQ 27 will only depart three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The flight service will still utilize the Airbus A350-900s.

The great service

Singapore Airlines will introduce new service to its Americas and Europe network in the first quarter of next year. The airline plans to fly twice-weekly between Singapore and Manchester with two new Airbus A350-900 aircraft, SQ 302 and SQ 301.

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Singapore Airlines SQ 302 will depart Singapore at 02:25 A.M. before arriving in Manchester at 09:10 A.M. Singapore Airlines, however, will only be running above-peak capacity travel services in the United Kingdom, further signifying its commitment to the nation and market.

If the flag carrier is downsizing their A380 service to New York, then where are the superjumbos being allocated? A bummer for passengers in New York will be an excitement for passengers in Melbourne, as Singapore Airlines is returning its daily Airbus A380 service from May 16th.

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The Airbus A380s will replace many current flights operating on SQ 237, SQ 228, and SQ 221-222 routes. This is just the beginning, too. Singapore Airlines will also be adding one daily Airbus A380 service on the market with a second daily flight starting on March 17th with SQ 221-222.

Singapore Airlines will increase their service between Singapore and Bangkok to two flights per day. The first flight departs at 7:10 and arrives in Bangkok at 8:35 local time, while the second departing at 9:40 and arriving back home in the evening.

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And from March 26th, Singapore Airlines will add a fourth daily service departing Singapore at 08:30 and arriving in Phuket at 09:20. The return flight, SQ 725, departs from Bangkok at 10:10 leaving Phuket at 13:05 before returning to Singapore at 14:50.

Singapore Airlines will open new direct flight services between Singapore and Osaka beginning March 26th, operating on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. These flights will utilize the Boeing 787-10 while they’re in service between April 30th and October 28th.

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Singapore Airlines will reinstate flights to Busan, starting June 2nd. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays you’ll be able to fly Singapore-Busan on SQ 616 and return to Singapore on SQ 615 with the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The route was last operated by Airbus A330-300s before the pandemic but now fans of the airline can enjoy its convenient tourism to Korea as well.

The new daily service between Singapore and Seoul that has been announced will be using the Boeing 787-10. The SQ 612 flight departs at 02:25, arriving in Incheon International Airport once again at 09:50, whilst the SQ 611 will depart from Incheon International Airport at 11:20 and arrive back in Singapore at approximately 16:50.

Hong Kong will also see a resurgence in service from Singapore Airlines, which has already been slated to restart flights SQ 896 and SQ 897. Additionally, the daily flight services of SQ 892 and SQ 893 will be operated by Airbus A380 aircraft for a number of months beginning on March 26th, 2017.

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Today, Singapore Airlines announced an increased frequency for their service to Taipei. SQ 876 and 877 will switch from a four-times-weekly service to a daily service on March 26th. The thrice-weekly service of SQ 878 and 879 will also switch to daily services on May 31st, resulting in 14 times daily departures from Taipei. All flights will be operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the Asia routes by the end of this month.

Bottom line

Nearly all of the changes across South East Asia, parts of East Asia, and Australia are actually very similar to what has happened so far in Europe. Singapore Airlines’ network changes come as the flag carrier has seen increased demand for flights across these regions. With this global expansion, it’s on track to reach even higher levels of operations by March 2024.

Singapore Airlines is experiencing success in spite of the pandemic-stricken economy, returning to its normal flight frequency levels and improving its global network.