United Airlines Is Likely to Carry 5.5 Million Passengers Over the Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday

November 30th, 2022
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United Airlines Is Likely to Carry 5.5 Million Passengers Over the Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday

United expects its busiest travel day since the beginning of the pandemic to be after Thanksgiving. Because the Thanksgiving season is fast approaching, United Airlines is preparing to carry 5.5 million passengers over the upcoming holiday period, which they believe will hit 2019 levels. United Airlines expects their busiest air travel day since the start of the pandemic to be after Thanksgiving.

Airlines around the world have been in a massive battle since the COVID-19 pandemic began. From significant fleet groundings, flight cancellations, and layoffs to a rapid rebound in travel has proved difficult. It’s no surprise that they’re preparing for extreme peak periods during this holiday season.

The Thanksgiving travel period is a difficult one for travelers. On November 18-30, United Airlines, the largest US airline, will operate more than 3,700 flights every day with an expected total of over 450,000 passengers carried on that day alone. With a little over 300 added flights to accommodate their extra passengers, preparations are in full swing around the country and they’re preparing four hubs to be busier than usual – Houston, Chicago O’Hare, Denver, and Newark.

United’s forecast for the company to carry nearly 5.5 million passengers between November 17 and December 2, up 12% from its 2020 Thanksgiving figure.

How United is making travel easier

Connection Saver

United Airlines has been using Connection Saver for a few years to prevent travelers from missing their connecting flights. In 2018, this technology saved more than 500,000 customers from missing their flights.

Agent On Demand

At United, we’re committed to providing outstanding service. That’s why we offer Agent On Demand, a customer service tool that provides real-time assistance to ensure your travel experience is as amazing as it should be.

United’s Agent On Demand lets you chat with a team member online to find out about flight changes, deals and more in a few short minutes. It’s available in more than 250 airports, saving customers from waiting on long customer service lines.

Bag Drop Shortcut

United has 18 airports across the United States, from LA to San Francisco, where they have created a “bag drop shortcut.” Passengers who utilize the shortcut check-in for their flight on the United app skip the check-in line at the airport and drop off their bags in designated locations within airport lobbies. The shortcut saves passengers an average of five minutes on busy travel days. This shortcut is located in each United’s hub and 11 line stations.

United App

United Airlines apps are incredible tools for customers. The app allows for passengers to check flight statuses and get GPS directions at the airport, which means connecting customers can make it to their gates on time. Passengers will also be able to access seat maps, request upgrades, and find food and retail information with the United apps.