United Airlines Orders For 25 additional Boeing 737 Max

March 4th, 2021
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In an attempt to fill up the gap in its fleet and to also show confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, United Airlines has gone ahead to add 25 extra Boeing 737 Max jets to its order. With the airline speeding up the approximated delivery time for the jets, the carrier hopes to get their new jets earlier and improve its gauge. This will prepare the airline for the anticipated increase in flying as soon as there’s a steady recovery.

Many consider United Airlines’ order book to be expansive already, with an almost intact feed. However, this has not deterred United from its interest in procuring new jets from Boeing. The airline has announced that it is yet to be satisfied with its current order book and will be increasing its 737 MAX order by 25 more planes. The new order of 25 737 MAX jets is expected to be delivered sometime in 2023. This will allow United Airlines to leverage the benefits of purchasing the Boeing 737 narrowbody jets when the carrier hopes to be in some level of more sustained recovery.

United Airlines had its order finalized on February 26th, and with the current order, the carrier will have 210 MAX jets in the skies once they are delivered. Over 100 of the MAX jets will be the Boeing 737 MAX 10.

Speaking about United Airlines’ latest order with a news agency, Boeing vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Ihssane Mounir, said that the Aircraft Manufacturing giant was humbled by United’s vote of confidence in the 737 family and the Boeing team. He also added that the order was a reflection of Boeing and United Airlines’ shared view that air travel and the manufacturing industries are resilient and will make a recovery.

The order has an accelerated delivery timeline. In 2022, United will acquire 40 new Boeing 737 MAX jets, and they will take 54 more in 2023. Later in 2023, United Airlines will have 127 jets pending delivery.