Virgin Atlantic Wants to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Flying

December 5th, 2022
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Virgin Atlantic Wants to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Flying

More commonly known as “the fear of flying,” aerophobia can be quite an anxiety-inducing experience, especially when you’re trying to battle the many myths and misperceptions associated with air travel. That’s why Virgin Atlantic has partnered with Lovefly to offer travelers ways to overcome their fear and explore the world for themselves.

Lovefly Limited was founded in October of 2019 by Paul Tizzard, who previously led Virgin Atlantic’s flight training program from 1996 to 2018 among other things. Koster explains how he helped 30,000 reluctant flyers finally conquer their fears.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lovefly and offer an incredible opportunity that will bring joy and happiness to anyone who takes to the skies, preferably with Virgin Atlantic of course.”

Lovefly tackles your fears head on

An estimated one in five people suffer from acrophobia – an extreme fear of heights. They miss out on traveling the world and exploring new destinations to soak in unique sights and culture, causing millions to not travel as they should. For some people, their case of aerophobia is so severe that they cannot even catch a short flight across states or neighboring countries to visit family and friends. There are multiple paths to beating acrophobia, and they include courses, webinars, self-help programs, mentorship, and educational podcasts.

The Lovefly podcast is a favorite for many people and is about to get even better with the assistance of Virgin Atlantic. Listeners will have access to advice, tricks, and insights from former nervous flyers in-person on site, who became pros after speaking with psychologists and coaches. Plus, Virgin Atlantic has also gathered expertise from pilots, flight attendants, and special assistance officers who donated their time in order to provide tips, tricks, and guidance on how to fly with more ease.

The airline will also host webinars with their teams. They’ll provide insights and put nervous flyers at ease through sharing and question and answer sessions. Air traffic controllers will be on hand to provide insights as well. 

Committed people who have a passion for flying take part in our projects by volunteering as flight attendants and pilots. They’ll help to take travelers through their journeys and offer helpful knowledge on the fly.

With Virgin Atlantic, we create lasting memories on our flights with the people you love

Paul and Lovely are passionate about their mission to help more people overcome their fear of flying. With over 30,000 successful testimonials and qualified professionals on board, they hope to see more people like you travel around the world without so much worry.

No one likes to fly, but with Virgin America, you can do so with a whole lot more fun. Besides offering what’s easily the best customer service experience in North America, the airline’s Tampa stop offers a variety of promotion and giveaways during this inaugural flight. Of course, if people are brave enough to overcome their fear and sign up for the program before December 11th, they’ll be able to win one million Virgin points.

Imagine overcoming aerophobia, finally visiting family and friends, or exploring new ventures before Christmas. Winning many Virgin Points gives people motivation to continue with their struggles and succeed in achieving these personal goals. Altogether, they seem like quite an exciting Christmas present for aerophobic people to anticipate and strive toward overcoming their fear.