Wizz Air Made Its Final Flight From Doncaster Sheffield

November 10th, 2022
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Wizz Air Made Its Final Flight From Doncaster Sheffield

Wizz Air has been selling seats for the final flight that will depart Doncaster Sheffield Airport next Saturday. This final flight will leave sometime on Saturday evening and head to Katowice as the airport prepares to shut down for good in the coming days.

Doncaster’s final flight leaves

The last flight to depart Doncaster Sheffield Airport on Saturday night took off at 23:43 local time before arriving in Katowice just over two hours later. The Wizz Air flight left DSA one day after TUI conducted its own farewell flight with a Friday evening service to Tenerife.

A Wizz Air Airbus A321neo took off from Warsaw, Poland on a milestone trial flight. It features an all-economy configuration of 239 passengers and is one of the newest aircraft in its fleet.

One airline and one airport had a disagreement, causing significant disruptions in the lives of thousands of passengers. But those who love the old airport will no doubt have fond memories of the airline now known as Wizz Air, who operated there for 16 years after its Doncaster Sheffield launch in 2006.

Inbound flights to continue until Nov 4th

Doncaster Sheffield Airport will welcome flights until Saturday, November 4th. It’s been in an eerie state for a few days because September’s announcement about winding down disjointed communication with international airlines has meant no outbound services.

On October 31, Wizz Air will bring in 58 new routes to Leeds Bradford Airport. This will cover 26 countries and 86 cities, up from nine countries and 43 cities they operated in the region before.

Where did it go wrong for Doncaster?

Doncaster Sheffield Airport has been announced to close permanently, citing the high operating costs and revenue problems which are what forced this decision. The closure has already been devastating for the many people who have signed a petition that wanted to save the airport.

Yesterday’s final flight was met with a mixture of sadness and frustration, with many bemoaning the owner’s failure to keep the airport open. Things could get worse for Peel Group after Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones opened legal proceedings against them this week.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport found itself in an interesting predicament. It was surrounded by established airports, including Manchester Airport (MAN) and Leeds-Bradford Airport (LBA), making it difficult to grow and sustain meaningful growth.