Beijing Daxing International Airport

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: ZBAD
Type: Large
Continent: AS
Country code: CN
Country: China
City Beijing
Longitude: 116.413779
Latitude: 39.5001415

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Beijing Daxing International Airport: The Starfish-Shaped Mega Airport


Beijing Daxing International Airport (IATA: PKX, ICAO: ZBAD) is one of two international airports serving Beijing, the capital of China. Opened in 2019, this state-of-the-art facility has been nicknamed "the starfish" due to its unique and innovative design. Spanning an impressive 2,679 hectares (6,620 acres), the airport boasts four civilian runways and one military runway, making it a crucial hub for air travel in the region.

Airlines and Destinations

Beijing Daxing Airport serves as a hub for SkyTeam alliance airlines and some Oneworld members, while Hainan Airlines and most Star Alliance members continue to operate from Beijing Capital International Airport. The airport has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 161 destinations in 23 countries, including both domestic and international routes.

Number of Passengers and Flights

In 2023, Beijing Daxing International Airport handled a total of 39.4 million passengers, showcasing its rapid growth and increasing importance in the region. The airport also registered 290,000 inbound and outbound flights during the same year.

How to Get Here

Beijing Daxing International Airport is located approximately 46 kilometers (29 miles) south of Tiananmen Square. Travelers can access the airport via various transportation options, including:

  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available at the airport and can take passengers to any destination in Beijing. The fare is typically around 200-300 yuan (30-45 USD).
  • Daxing Airport Express: This subway line connects the airport to the city center, with a travel time of around 20 minutes.
  • Beijing-Xiong'an Intercity Railway: A high-speed rail line that connects the airport to the Xiong'an New Area, with a travel time of approximately 19 minutes.


Beijing Daxing International Airport offers ample parking facilities for travelers, with the terminal building covering an area of 780,000 square meters (193 acres) and featuring 104 boarding bridges.

Transportation Price

The cost of transportation to and from Beijing Daxing International Airport varies depending on the mode of travel. Taxi fares typically range from 200 to 300 yuan (30-45 USD), while the Daxing Airport Express and Beijing-Xiong'an Intercity Railway offer more affordable options, with prices ranging from 20 to 55 yuan.

Terminal Layout

The terminal building at Beijing Daxing International Airport has five floors on the ground and two underground floors, with each floor serving specific functions. The terminal covers an impressive area of 780,000 square meters (193 acres) and features 104 boarding bridges.

Navigate the Airport

Navigating the expansive Beijing Daxing International Airport can be a daunting task for first-time travelers. However, the airport is equipped with clear signage and an automated people mover system that transports passengers between the terminal's three sections, making it easier to get around.

Getting Between Terminals

An automated people mover system is in place to transport passengers between the different sections of the terminal building at Beijing Daxing International Airport. This efficient system helps travelers move seamlessly between the international and domestic areas of the airport.

Services and Amenities

Beijing Daxing International Airport offers a wide range of services and amenities to cater to the needs of travelers. These include free Wi-Fi, banks, hotels, restaurants, lounges, and silent office spaces. The airport also provides additional services such as baggage packing, mailing, and currency exchange.

Restaurants and Shops

Passengers at Beijing Daxing International Airport can enjoy a variety of dining and shopping options. The airport features a range of restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Security and Customs

Beijing Daxing International Airport has implemented advanced security and customs procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient travel experience for passengers. The airport utilizes cutting-edge inspection technologies and streamlined processes to facilitate faster customs clearance and security checks.


The design of Beijing Daxing International Airport prioritizes accessibility, making it easy for passengers with disabilities or special needs to navigate the facility. The airport is equipped with features such as ramps, elevators, and designated seating areas to accommodate travelers with various accessibility requirements.

Travel Tips

When traveling through Beijing Daxing International Airport, it's important to plan ahead and allow ample time for check-in, security, and customs procedures. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least 1-2 hours before their domestic flight and 2-3 hours before their international flight. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with the airport's layout and transportation options can help ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience.