Goose Bay Airport

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: Z40
Type: small
Continent: NA
Country code: US
Country: United
City Goose
Longitude: -149.8459930419922
Latitude: 61.394500732421875

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Goose Bay Airport: Your Gateway to Newfoundland and Labrador


Nestled in the heart of Newfoundland and Labrador, Goose Bay Airport (IATA: YYR, ICAO: CYYR) is a vital transportation hub serving the region. Operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), this airport plays a crucial role in supporting the defense of North American airspace, as well as providing training opportunities for the RCAF and allied air forces. While primarily a military facility, Goose Bay Airport also accommodates civilian aircraft, making it an important gateway for travelers to this remote and captivating corner of Canada.

Airlines and Destinations

Goose Bay Airport currently serves a limited number of domestic destinations, with flights operated by regional airlines. The longest non-stop route from Goose Bay is to Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ), a journey of approximately 372 miles (598 km) that takes around 1 hour and 59 minutes. Other popular destinations include St. John's International Airport (YYT) and Deer Lake Regional Airport (YDF).

Number of Passengers and Flights

As a small regional airport, Goose Bay sees a relatively low volume of passenger traffic compared to larger hubs. However, the airport plays a vital role in supporting the military operations of 5 Wing Goose Bay, which includes the 444 Combat Support Squadron and the 5 Wing Air Reserve Flight. The exact number of passengers and flights can fluctuate based on the military's operational requirements and the level of civilian air traffic.

How to Get Here

Goose Bay Airport is located in the municipality of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The airport is situated approximately 540 miles north of the nearest U.S. border in Maine and 1,300 miles northeast of Detroit, Michigan. Travelers can access the airport by air, with direct flights from various Canadian cities, or by ground transportation, such as car or bus, depending on their starting point.


Goose Bay Airport offers both short-term and long-term parking options for travelers. The first hour of parking is free, and rates for extended stays are reasonable. If you plan to leave your vehicle unattended, you must park in the automated parking lot. The airport's Air Terminal Building is open from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm daily, providing ample time for arrivals and departures.

Transportation Price

The cost of transportation to and from Goose Bay Airport can vary depending on the mode of travel and the distance from your starting point. Domestic flights from major Canadian cities typically range from $398 to $811 per passenger for a round-trip ticket. Ground transportation options, such as taxis or shuttle services, may also be available, with prices that can fluctuate based on the distance and number of passengers.

Terminal Layout

Goose Bay Airport's terminal is a relatively compact facility, designed to accommodate both military and civilian operations. The terminal houses the necessary amenities for passengers, including check-in counters, security screening, and baggage claim areas. While the terminal may not offer the same level of amenities as larger international airports, it is well-equipped to handle the airport's current level of traffic.

Navigate the Airport

Navigating Goose Bay Airport is a straightforward process, as the terminal is relatively small and easy to navigate. Signage throughout the facility clearly directs passengers to the various areas, such as check-in, security, and baggage claim. Airport staff are also available to assist travelers with any questions or concerns they may have.

Getting Between Terminals

Goose Bay Airport has a single terminal building, so there is no need for passengers to navigate between multiple terminals. All arrivals and departures take place within the same facility, making the process of getting to and from your flight a seamless experience.

Services and Amenities

While Goose Bay Airport may not offer the same level of services and amenities as larger international hubs, it does provide the essential facilities and services that travelers require. These include check-in counters, security screening, baggage claim, and a small selection of food and beverage options within the terminal building.

Restaurants and Shops

Dining and shopping options at Goose Bay Airport are limited, but passengers can find a small café called the Airport Café, which offers a selection of light meals, snacks, and beverages. There are no dedicated retail shops within the terminal, but travelers may find a few small gift or convenience stores nearby.

Security and Customs

Goose Bay Airport is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which handles general aviation aircraft with no more than 15 passengers. Passengers can expect to go through the standard security screening procedures, including the removal of shoes, laptops, and liquids, before proceeding to their gates.


Goose Bay Airport is committed to providing accessible facilities and services for all travelers. The terminal building and its amenities are designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities, with features such as designated parking spaces, ramps, and accessible restrooms. Airport staff are also available to assist passengers with special needs throughout their journey.

Travel Tips

  • Book flights for off-peak periods, such as mid-week, to avoid the busiest travel times.
  • Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare, as security screening and check-in can take longer at smaller regional airports.
  • Pack your carry-on items efficiently, following the 3-1-1 rule for liquids and removing laptops or tablets for easy screening.
  • Check the airport's website or social media channels for any updates or alerts that may affect your travel plans.
  • Be prepared for the local weather conditions, as Goose Bay can experience harsh winter conditions that may impact flight operations.