Yakutat Airport

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: PAYA
Type: medium
Continent: NA
Country code: US
Country: United
City Yakutat
Longitude: -139.660003662
Latitude: 59.5032997131

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Yakutat Airport: Exploring the Gateway to Alaska's Untamed Wilderness


Nestled in the heart of Alaska's rugged landscape, Yakutat Airport (IATA: YAK, ICAO: PAYA) serves as the gateway to a world of untamed natural beauty. This small, state-owned public-use airport, located just three nautical miles southeast of the central business district of Yakutat, offers a unique and captivating travel experience for those seeking to immerse themselves in the raw splendor of the Last Frontier.

Airlines and Destinations

Yakutat Airport is a domestic airport, with Alaska Airlines currently providing the only scheduled passenger service. The airline offers flights to and from Cordova (CDV) and Juneau (JNU), connecting Yakutat to the broader transportation network of Alaska and beyond.

Number of Passengers and Flights

According to Federal Aviation Administration records, Yakutat Airport had 10,035 passenger boardings (enplanements) in 2010. In more recent years, the airport has seen a slight fluctuation in passenger numbers, with 11,028 enplanements in 2008 and 12,158 in 2009. In the current year, there are 36 flights arriving at Yakutat Airport, which equates to 7 flights per week or 1 flight per day.

How to Get Here

Yakutat is one of the easiest places to visit in Southeast Alaska, despite the fact that cruise ships rarely make stops there. The airport in Yakutat is served by Alaska Airlines, with flights originating from Seattle, Juneau, and Anchorage. Visitors can easily access the airport and the surrounding area by air, as Yakutat has no road access to the outside world.


Yakutat Airport offers on-site parking for travelers, with the availability of both short-term and long-term options. Visitors can conveniently park their vehicles and access the terminal directly from the parking area.

Transportation Price

The cost of transportation to and from Yakutat Airport can vary depending on the origin and destination. A round-trip flight from Seattle to Yakutat, for example, can range from approximately $555 per passenger, with prices fluctuating based on travel dates and airline availability.

Terminal Layout

Yakutat Airport has a single terminal building that serves all arriving and departing passengers. The terminal layout is straightforward, allowing travelers to easily navigate the facility and access the necessary services and amenities.

Navigate the Airport

Upon arrival at Yakutat Airport, passengers should follow the signs and directions to locate their gate and ensure a smooth boarding process. It is recommended to arrive at the airport with ample time to navigate the terminal and complete any necessary security or customs procedures.

Getting Between Terminals

As Yakutat Airport has a single terminal, there is no need for passengers to navigate between multiple terminals. All arrivals and departures are handled within the same terminal building, making the process of getting to and from the gate a straightforward experience.

Services and Amenities

Yakutat Airport offers a range of essential services and amenities to cater to the needs of travelers. These include snow removal, wildlife control, condition reporting, and other airfield maintenance services, which are available during the airport's operational hours.

Restaurants and Shops

While Yakutat Airport does not have a wide array of dining and shopping options within the terminal, visitors can find a few local establishments in the nearby town of Yakutat, offering a glimpse into the community's culture and cuisine.

Security and Customs

As a domestic airport, Yakutat Airport does not have dedicated customs facilities. However, passengers will still need to undergo standard security screening procedures before boarding their flights, ensuring the safety and security of all travelers.


Yakutat Airport is committed to providing accessible facilities and services for all travelers. The airport works to ensure that individuals with disabilities or special needs can navigate the terminal and access the necessary amenities with ease.

Travel Tips

  • Book flights for off-peak periods, such as mid-week, to avoid the busiest travel times and reduce stress levels.
  • Arrive at the airport with ample time to navigate the terminal and complete any necessary security or customs procedures.
  • Familiarize yourself with the airport's layout and services to make the most of your time at Yakutat Airport.
  • Explore the nearby town of Yakutat to immerse yourself in the local culture and cuisine.
  • Be prepared for the rugged and untamed beauty of the Alaskan wilderness that surrounds Yakutat Airport.