Canouan Airport

Canouan Airport stands in the Caribbean. The airport serves the island. The island is in the Grenadines. Travelers reach the island from Barbados and St. Vincent bought a new car. The airport runs a short runway. It takes private jets and small planes. Visitors see the island's beaches. They enjoy the landscapes. They feel the vibe. Canouan provides a special Caribbean trip. The airport serves the island. The cat chased the mouse.

Live Air Traffic

Explore the airport. It is unique. It is in the Caribbean. Planes take off. Planes land. The radar shows flights. You see their paths and places. The airport is busy. Travelers watch the live feed. They learn about the airport. The island thrills you. The cat chased the mouse.

Basic information about airport

Airport code: TVSC
Type: medium
Continent: NA
Country code: VC
Country: Saint
City Canouan
Longitude: -61.34239959716797
Latitude: 12.699000358581543

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Canouan Airport: Your Gateway to Caribbean Bliss


Nestled in the heart of the Grenadines, Canouan Island emerges as a breathtaking blend of luxury, tranquility, and untouched natural beauty. This small island, measuring just about 5 square miles, is a part of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Despite its modest size, Canouan is a destination that promises an exclusive and serene getaway, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Airlines and Destinations

Canouan Airport (IATA: CIW, ICAO: TVSC) serves as the main gateway to the island, facilitating regular passenger flights as well as international corporate jet operations and charter flights. The airport is a major destination during the Caribbean winter leisure season, catering to the surrounding tourist areas and environs of the Grenadines.

Number of Passengers and Flights

Canouan Airport is the second largest airport in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, after Argyle International Airport. It often served as the alternate airport for E.T. Joshua Airport, now a decommissioned airport in St. Vincent and other Grenadines airports. The airport has undergone extensive modernization in the 2000s, including a land reclamation project and runway extension, which increased the overall runway length from 3,455 to 5,875 ft (1,053 to 1,791 m).

How to Get Here

Canouan Island is accessible via its own airport (CIW), which accommodates both commercial and private aircraft. Flights typically connect through Barbados (BGI), providing a straightforward route to the island. The yacht club is conveniently located a short drive from the airport, offering easy access for arriving guests.


The airport offers short-term parking directly across the terminal building, and a free parking shuttle operates between the Long-term lot and all overflow parking lots once Long-term is full.

Transportation Price

Travelers have a variety of transportation options to get to and from Canouan Airport, including private transfers, taxis, and rental cars. Prices can vary depending on the service and distance traveled.

Terminal Layout

Canouan Airport's terminal is designed in the traditional Grenadines style, with an open-air layout and a roof covered in cane palm fronds. The terminal has no airbridges, and walk-boarding is used on all stands, with mobile stairways or the aircraft's own airstairs used for embarking and disembarking passengers.

Navigate the Airport

The compact size of Canouan Airport makes it easy for passengers to navigate. Upon arrival, travelers can easily access the various facilities and amenities within the terminal.

Getting Between Terminals

As Canouan Airport has a single terminal, there is no need to worry about getting between different terminals. Passengers can simply walk from the arrival area to the departure area or vice versa.

Services and Amenities

Canouan Airport offers a range of services and amenities to cater to the needs of its passengers, including a CIP (Commercially Important People) lounge and other facilities for international passengers. The airport also serves as a domestic hub for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Restaurants and Shops

While the airport's terminal is relatively small, it does offer a selection of dining and shopping options for travelers to enjoy during their time at the airport.

Security and Customs

Canouan Airport follows standard security and customs procedures to ensure the safety and smooth processing of all passengers. Travelers should be prepared to present their passports and any necessary documentation upon arrival and departure.


Canouan Airport is committed to providing accessible facilities and services for all passengers, including those with disabilities or special needs. The airport works to ensure a comfortable and seamless travel experience for all.

Travel Tips

  • Arrive at the airport with ample time to navigate the check-in and security processes.
  • Be prepared to present your passport and any necessary travel documents.
  • Familiarize yourself with the airport's layout and amenities to make the most of your time.
  • Consider pre-booking any transportation or services to ensure a smooth arrival and departure.
  • Stay alert and avoid any potential scams or overcharging by local service providers.