Santa Ana Airport

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Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: SVOD
Type: small
Continent: SA
Country code: VE
Country: Venezuela
Longitude: -67.6500015258789
Latitude: 7.983333110809326

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John Wayne Airport, also known as Orange County Airport, is a bustling international commercial and general aviation airport that serves the Greater Los Angeles area, including the cities of Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa. Originally named Orange County Airport, the airport was renamed in 1979 to honor the legendary actor John Wayne, who lived in nearby Newport Beach and passed away that year. With its convenient location and efficient operations, John Wayne Airport has become a popular gateway for travelers seeking convenience and efficiency.

Airlines and Destinations

John Wayne Airport is served by a variety of domestic and international airlines, including major carriers such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. The airport boasts about 200 daily departures, providing nonstop connections to more than 20 destinations across the United States and Canada.

Number of Passengers and Flights

In 2014, John Wayne Airport was the second busiest airport in the Greater Los Angeles area, with over 9 million total passengers. The airport had 4,584,147 enplanements (passenger boardings) in 2014, an increase from 4,450,628 in 2013. The airport's general aviation operations also outnumber commercial operations, making it an important hub for private and corporate aviation.

How to Get Here

John Wayne Airport is located approximately 5 miles (8 km) from downtown Santa Ana and 35 miles (56 km) from downtown Los Angeles. Travelers can access the airport by various means, including personal vehicles, rideshare services, and public transportation.


John Wayne Airport offers several parking options, including Terminal Parking, Off-Airport Parking, and Curbside Valet Parking. The Terminal Parking structure is open 24 hours a day, with entrances available on the Departure (upper) Level. The Off-Airport Parking lot, located at 1512 Main Street in Irvine, provides free shuttle service to and from the terminals.

Transportation Price

The cost of transportation to and from John Wayne Airport varies depending on the mode of travel. Rideshare services like Lyft can cost between $25-$40 for a standard or XL ride, while public transportation options like the OCTA bus system can be more affordable at around $2-$5 per trip.

Terminal Layout

John Wayne Airport has a single terminal building that is split into three areas: Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C. Each terminal has its own set of gates, ticket counters, and baggage claim areas, making it easy for travelers to navigate the airport.

Navigate the Airport

To navigate John Wayne Airport with ease, travelers can utilize the airport's terminal maps and guides. These resources provide detailed information on the layout of each terminal, including the location of gates, restaurants, shops, and other amenities.

Getting Between Terminals

Passengers can easily move between the different terminals at John Wayne Airport using the airport's internal transportation system. This may include walking, using moving walkways, or taking advantage of the airport's shuttle service.

Services and Amenities

John Wayne Airport offers a variety of services and amenities to enhance the travel experience, including restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. Travelers can find everything from fresh food and snacks to electronics and travel essentials throughout the airport's terminals.

Restaurants and Shops

John Wayne Airport is home to a diverse selection of dining and shopping options, catering to the needs of travelers. Passengers can enjoy a range of cuisines, from casual eateries to upscale restaurants, as well as browse a variety of retail stores and specialty shops.

Security and Customs

Ensuring the safety and security of passengers is a top priority at John Wayne Airport. Travelers will encounter security checkpoints and customs procedures as they navigate the airport, designed to protect against potential threats and ensure a smooth travel experience.


John Wayne Airport is committed to providing accessible facilities and services for all travelers, including those with disabilities. The airport offers a range of accommodations, such as wheelchair assistance, accessible parking, and specialized services to ensure a comfortable and inclusive travel experience.

Travel Tips

  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time to allow for security and check-in procedures.
  • Check the airport's website or mobile app for up-to-date information on flight status, terminal maps, and other important details.
  • Take advantage of the airport's amenities, such as restaurants and shops, to make the most of your time during layovers or extended stays.
  • If you have a longer layover, consider exploring nearby attractions like Disneyland Resort, which is located just 14 miles from the airport.
  • Stay informed about any airport or airline policies, such as baggage restrictions or security requirements, to ensure a smooth travel experience.