Aneityum Airport

Aneityum Airport sits on Aneityum island. Aneityum is in Vanuatu. The airport serves the tropical place. Travelers reach the island from hubs. The airport has one runway. It takes small planes. Visitors explore the island's forests. Visitors enjoy the island's beaches. Visitors like the island's culture. Aneityum has a unique travel experience. The airport takes you to an island. The cat chased the mouse.

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: NVVA
Type: small
Continent: OC
Country code: VU
Country: Vanuatu
City Anatom
Longitude: 169.770996094
Latitude: -20.2492008209

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Aneityum Airport: Your Gateway to the Southernmost Island of Vanuatu


Nestled in the heart of the South Pacific, the island of Aneityum is a true gem of Vanuatu, offering visitors a glimpse into a world of unspoiled natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. At the center of this island paradise lies Aneityum Airport, a vital transportation hub that connects this remote destination to the rest of the world. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this unique airport and uncover the wonders that await you on the island of Aneityum.

Airlines and Destinations

Aneityum Airport, also known as Anatom Airport, is served by a single airline, Tanna Airways, which operates a daily flight from the nearby island of Tanna. This non-stop flight takes approximately 30 minutes and covers a distance of 40 miles (65 km), making it a convenient and accessible option for travelers.

Number of Passengers and Flights

As a small regional airport, Aneityum Airport sees a relatively low volume of traffic, with only 3 flights arriving at the airport per month. This translates to an average of 0 flights per week or 0 flights per day, reflecting the island's remote and tranquil nature.

How to Get Here

Reaching Aneityum Airport can be a bit of a challenge, as the island itself is quite remote and isolated. The nearest major airport is Tanna Airport, located on the neighboring island of Tanna. From there, travelers can take the daily flight operated by Tanna Airways to Aneityum Airport, which is the only way to access the island by air.


As Aneityum is a small and sparsely populated island, there is no formal airport parking available. Visitors will need to make alternative arrangements, such as being dropped off or arranging for transportation to and from the airport.

Transportation Price

The cost of transportation to and from Aneityum Airport can vary depending on the method of travel and the specific arrangements made. Travelers should be prepared to negotiate with local transportation providers to ensure a fair and reasonable price for their journey.

Terminal Layout

Aneityum Airport is a small, single-terminal facility that efficiently handles the limited number of flights and passengers that pass through. The terminal building houses the necessary amenities, such as check-in counters and a small waiting area, to accommodate the airport's operations.

Navigate the Airport

Navigating Aneityum Airport is a relatively straightforward process, as the small size of the facility makes it easy for travelers to find their way around. Passengers can simply follow the signs and directions provided to locate the necessary areas, such as the check-in counters, security checkpoint, and boarding gates.

Getting Between Terminals

As Aneityum Airport is a single-terminal facility, there is no need for passengers to navigate between different terminals. All arrivals and departures are handled within the same compact terminal building.

Services and Amenities

While Aneityum Airport may not offer the extensive range of services and amenities found at larger international airports, it does provide the basic necessities for travelers. Passengers can expect to find check-in counters, a small waiting area, and potentially a basic food and beverage option.

Restaurants and Shops

Due to the airport's small size and remote location, the selection of restaurants and shops within the terminal is limited. Travelers may find a small snack bar or a basic convenience store, but the options are quite basic and cater primarily to the needs of the local community.

Security and Customs

As with any international airport, passengers traveling to or from Aneityum Airport will need to go through the necessary security and customs procedures. These processes may be more streamlined and efficient due to the airport's small size and low passenger volume, but travelers should still be prepared to allocate sufficient time to complete these formalities.


Aneityum Airport, like many small regional airports, may not have the same level of accessibility features and accommodations as larger international hubs. Travelers with special needs or disabilities should inquire about the available assistance and facilities to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey.

Travel Tips

When planning a trip to Aneityum, it's important to keep in mind the island's remote location and the limited transportation options. Travelers should be prepared for a more rustic and authentic experience, embracing the island's natural beauty and cultural charm. Additionally, it's advisable to book flights and accommodations well in advance, as options may be limited, especially during peak travel seasons.