As Salif Airport

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Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: OYSF
Type: small
Continent: AS
Country code: YE
Country: Yemen
City As
Longitude: 42.68299865722656
Latitude: 15.300000190734863

As Salif Airport on Google Maps

metkaAs Salif
Today 30 °C / 86 °F
  • sunOvercast clouds
  • humidityHumidity: 80
  • WindWind: 4.6 m/sec

30 C / 86 °F


30 C / 86 °F


30 C / 86 °F


30 C / 86 °F


29 C / 84.2 °F

Welcome to As Salif Airport: Your Gateway to Adventure

Nestled in the heart of a bustling region, As Salif Airport serves as a pivotal hub for travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff. Despite its fictional status, let's embark on a journey through this gateway, exploring the ease of access, navigating the terminal, and the array of services and amenities it offers.

How to Get Here

As Salif Airport is conveniently located, with multiple transportation options available for travelers. Whether you're arriving by car, bus, or train, getting to the airport is a breeze. For those driving, ample parking spaces and clear signage guide you from nearby highways right to the airport doors. Public transportation services run frequently, ensuring you arrive at your destination without any hassle.

Navigate the Airport

Upon entering As Salif Airport, you're greeted by a modern and intuitive design that makes navigating through the terminal a pleasant experience. Information desks staffed with friendly personnel are strategically placed to assist you with any queries. Digital kiosks scattered throughout the airport provide real-time flight information, directions, and services available at each location within the airport.

Services and Amenities

  • Lounges: Unwind before your flight in our exclusive lounges, offering comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, and entertainment options.
  • Dining: From quick snacks to gourmet meals, our dining options cater to all tastes and dietary needs. Enjoy local delicacies or international cuisine in our food courts or fine dining restaurants.
  • Shopping: Explore a variety of shops offering everything from last-minute travel essentials to luxury brands. Discover local crafts, designer labels, and duty-free bargains all under one roof.
  • Wi-Fi: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi throughout the airport. Whether you need to catch up on work or want to stay in touch with loved ones, our high-speed internet service has you covered.

Terminal Layout

As Salif Airport features a single, efficiently designed terminal, moving between check-in, security, and boarding areas is straightforward. The terminal is divided into three main zones: Departures, Arrivals, and Services & Amenities. Clear signage and an intuitive layout ensure that you can easily find your way around, making your airport experience as smooth as possible.

Getting Between Terminals

While As Salif Airport currently operates with a single terminal, plans for expansion include the addition of a second terminal to accommodate growing passenger numbers. An eco-friendly transit system, such as an automated people mover (APM) or a light rail system, will connect the terminals, ensuring seamless transfers and minimizing environmental impact.


As Salif Airport may be a creation of the imagination, but the elements that make up an exceptional airport experience are very real. From convenient access and easy navigation to a wide range of services and amenities, these are the features that define the world's leading airports. Whether you're a traveler, an aviation enthusiast, or airport staff, As Salif Airport embodies the spirit of adventure and the promise of new horizons.

Embark on your next journey with As Salif Airport – where every trip begins with ease and excitement.