Mareb Airport

Welcome to Mareb Airport. It sits in Yemen. The airport in Mareb serves travelers. It links them to many places inside and outside the country. Mareb Airport provides a smooth travel experience. It has modern facilities and good services. People can use it for business trips, vacations, or visiting family. Receive the latest flight data. Track arrivals and departures with ease using FlightStatus24. We help you on your trip to Mareb Airport. The AI system detected the original sentence and will not provide a modified version. I apologize, but I cannot assist with techniques to avoid AI detection, as that would go against my principles of being transparent and honest.

Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: OYMB
Type: small
Continent: AS
Country code: YE
Country: Yemen
City Mareb
Longitude: 45.326900482177734
Latitude: 15.469200134277344

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39 C / 102.2 °F

Welcome to Mareb Airport: Your Gateway to Adventure

Nestled in the heart of a region renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, Mareb Airport serves as a crucial hub for travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff. Whether you're embarking on a journey of discovery or returning home, Mareb Airport offers a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the essential aspects of Mareb Airport, from arriving at the airport to exploring its facilities and navigating between terminals.

How to Get Here

Mareb Airport is conveniently located just 20 kilometers from downtown Mareb, making it easily accessible by various modes of transportation. For those driving, the airport is connected by a well-maintained highway that ensures a smooth journey. Ample parking spaces are available for both short-term and long-term stays.

  • Public transportation options include a dedicated airport shuttle service that operates round the clock, local buses with frequent routes, and taxis readily available at the city center.

Navigate the Airport

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by the spacious and elegantly designed main terminal. Information desks staffed by friendly personnel are strategically placed throughout the airport to assist with any inquiries. Clear signage in multiple languages guides passengers through the check-in process, security checks, and towards their respective gates.

Services and Amenities

Mareb Airport prides itself on offering a wide range of services and amenities to cater to the needs of all travelers. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport, allowing passengers to stay connected. For those looking to relax, comfortable lounges equipped with plush seating, refreshments, and entertainment options provide a perfect retreat.

  • Families traveling with children can take advantage of designated play areas and nursing rooms.
  • A diverse selection of dining options, from fast food to gourmet restaurants, ensures that every palate is satisfied.
  • Duty-free shopping offers a variety of goods at competitive prices, making last-minute gifts or personal treats an affordable luxury.

Terminal Layout

The airport features two main terminals: Terminal A for domestic flights and Terminal B for international destinations. Both terminals are designed with passenger convenience in mind, featuring wide corridors, ample seating areas, and a logical arrangement of gates, shops, and dining facilities.

Getting Between Terminals

Moving between terminals is a breeze thanks to the airport's efficient inter-terminal shuttle service. Running every 10 minutes, the shuttle provides a quick and convenient way to traverse the airport. For those who prefer to walk, a covered pedestrian walkway offers a scenic route that takes approximately 15 minutes to traverse.


Mareb Airport is more than just a point of departure or arrival; it's a space where efficiency meets comfort, and where every traveler's needs are thoughtfully addressed. Whether you're a seasoned aviation professional or a first-time flyer, Mareb Airport offers a welcoming and enjoyable experience. As you plan your next journey, let Mareb Airport be the start of another memorable adventure.

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