Socotra International Airport

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Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: OYSQ
Type: medium
Continent: AS
Country code: YE
Country: Yemen
City Socotra
Longitude: 53.905799865722656
Latitude: 12.63070011138916

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Exploring Socotra International Airport: Your Gateway to Adventure

Nestled on the eastern tip of Socotra Island, Yemen, Socotra International Airport (IATA: SXH, ICAO: FSCT) serves as a crucial link between the enchanting biodiversity hotspot of Socotra and the rest of the world. This article aims to guide travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff through the essentials of navigating Socotra International Airport, from arrival to departure.

How to Get Here

Accessing Socotra International Airport is an adventure in itself. The airport is primarily reached via the main port in Hadiboh, where travelers can find local transportation options such as taxis and buses ready to take them on the scenic drive across Socotra Island. For those seeking a more direct route, a few local hotels and tour operators may offer shuttle services. Given the island's unique ecosystem and geography, it's advisable to check travel advisories and transportation options well in advance of your trip.

Navigate the Airport

Upon arrival, visitors will find Socotra International Airport to be a compact yet efficiently organized facility. Signage in both English and Arabic will guide you through the check-in process, security checks, and on to your departure gate. The airport's layout is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that even first-time visitors can navigate its spaces without difficulty.

Services and Amenities

  • Check-in Services: The airport offers basic check-in services, allowing passengers to prepare for their journey.
  • Waiting Areas: Comfortable seating areas are available for passengers waiting for their flights.
  • Restrooms and Café: Clean restroom facilities and a small café provide refreshments and convenience for travelers.
  • Tourist Information Desk: A desk dedicated to providing information on Socotra's attractions can assist visitors in planning their stay.

Terminal Layout

The terminal at Socotra International Airport is characterized by its straightforward design, with a single building housing both arrivals and departures. This simplicity ensures that passengers can easily find their way around without the need for extensive walking or transfers.

Getting Between Terminals

Given the airport's compact size, there is no need for transportation between terminals, as all facilities are located within a single building. This setup is particularly convenient for travelers with limited mobility or those carrying heavy luggage.


Socotra International Airport may not boast the extensive amenities of larger airports, but its significance lies in its role as a gateway to one of the planet's most intriguing and preserved islands. The airport's efficient layout, coupled with essential services and amenities, ensures that your adventure in Socotra begins smoothly from the moment you land. Whether you're an avid traveler, an aviation enthusiast, or a member of the airport staff, Socotra International Airport offers a unique and memorable start to your journey on this extraordinary island.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to contact local authorities in Yemen or your airline prior to travel. Safe travels, and welcome to the magical island of Socotra!