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Basic information about airport

Airport code: FABP
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Santoy
Longitude: 22.846255
Latitude: -27.129724

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Today 19 °C / 66.2 °F
  • sunClear sky
  • humidityHumidity: 27
  • WindWind: 1.88 m/sec

28 C / 82.4 °F


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26 C / 78.8 °F


27 C / 80.6 °F


26 C / 78.8 °F

Exploring the Unique World of Black Rock Airport: A Gateway to Burning Man

Nestled in the vast expanse of the Nevada desert, Black Rock City emerges annually as a beacon of creativity, community, and self-expression. At the heart of this temporary metropolis lies an unconventional gateway: the Black Rock Airport. Unlike any traditional airport, this airstrip serves as a testament to the ingenuity and spirit of the Burning Man event, offering a unique perspective on travel, logistics, and the principles that underpin this extraordinary gathering.

How to Get Here

Accessing Black Rock City is an adventure in itself, primarily navigated by road. The journey to the desert is a rite of passage for many, with participants traveling in RVs, buses, or trucks equipped to brave the rugged terrain. The ethos of radical self-reliance encourages attendees to meticulously plan their voyage, often coordinating with fellow travelers to share resources and experiences.

For those seeking an alternative route, the Black Rock Airport provides a direct, albeit unconventional, path to the heart of the event. While details of the temporary airstrip vary annually, it accommodates a mix of private planes and chartered flights, adhering to specific guidelines and safety protocols set by the organizers. Aviation enthusiasts and airport staff interested in the operational aspects of this unique airstrip are encouraged to consult directly with the Burning Man Project for the most current information.

Navigate the Airport and Beyond

Upon arrival, the concept of navigation takes on a new meaning. Black Rock City is laid out in a circular plan with radial streets, designed anew each year yet maintaining a sense of familiarity for returning participants. Walking, cycling, and art cars—creatively modified vehicles approved for safety and creativity—become the primary modes of transport, reflecting the event's commitment to communal effort and radical self-expression.

Services and Amenities

In line with the principle of gifting, services and amenities at Burning Man are offered freely, fostering a gift economy that stands in stark contrast to the commercial transactions of the outside world. From food and water to medical care and entertainment, the generosity of participants ensures that the spirit of community thrives. However, attendees are expected to arrive fully prepared with their own supplies, embodying the principle of radical self-reliance and ensuring their well-being in the desert environment.

Terminal Layout and Getting Between Terminals

The traditional concepts of terminal layout and inter-terminal transit do not apply at Black Rock Airport. Instead, the airstrip serves as a singular point of entry and exit, with the vast playa and the city's unique layout offering a different kind of journey. Participants are encouraged to immerse themselves in the experience, exploring the art installations, theme camps, and communal spaces that define the event.


Black Rock Airport is more than just a point of arrival; it is a gateway to an experience that challenges conventional notions of community, creativity, and connectivity. For travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff, the journey to and through Black Rock City offers a glimpse into a world where the principles of gifting, self-reliance, and radical expression pave the way for a transformative experience. As Burning Man continues to evolve, the spirit of the desert and the community it fosters remain a beacon for those seeking to explore the boundaries of what is possible when thousands gather to create, share, and dream in the dust.

Explore the Uncharted: A Journey to Black Rock Airport and Beyond

Welcome to an adventure unlike any other. Nestled in the heart of the Nevada desert lies a gateway not just to a destination, but to an experience that redefines the essence of community, creativity, and connection. This is your guide to Black Rock Airport, the unconventional heart of the journey to the Burning Man festival.

Your Adventure Starts Here

Embarking on a journey to Black Rock City is more than a mere travel plan; it's a rite of passage. The road to the desert, traversed by RVs, buses, and trucks, is a testament to the radical self-reliance that Burning Man espouses. For those seeking an alternate path, Black Rock Airport offers a direct route to the heart of the action. This temporary airstrip welcomes a mix of private and chartered flights, each adhering to the unique guidelines that ensure safety and respect for the ethos of the event.

Navigating a World Reimagined

Upon arrival, the concept of navigation transcends traditional boundaries. Black Rock City's layout, a circular plan with radial streets, is a marvel of creativity and efficiency. Here, walking, cycling, and art cars are more than modes of transport; they're expressions of radical self-expression and communal effort. This is a place where the journey itself is as meaningful as the destination.

Embracing the Gift Economy

At the heart of Burning Man lies the principle of gifting. Services and amenities are offered freely, from food and water to medical care and entertainment. This gift economy fosters a profound sense of community, encouraging participants to contribute and share generously. Preparedness is key, as attendees are expected to bring their own supplies, embodying the principle of radical self-reliance.

A Unique Terminal Experience

Forget everything you know about airport terminals. Black Rock Airport is a singular point of entry to an experience that defies conventional expectations. The vast playa and the city's unique layout offer a backdrop to an adventure filled with art installations, theme camps, and communal spaces that invite exploration and discovery.

Conclusion: A Gateway to Transformation

Black Rock Airport is more than a mere point of arrival; it's the beginning of a journey that challenges and inspires. For travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff alike, the path to and through Black Rock City offers a glimpse into a world where creativity, community, and radical self-expression converge to create something truly extraordinary. As Burning Man continues to evolve, the spirit of the desert remains a beacon for those seeking to explore the boundaries of possibility.

Welcome to your journey. Welcome to Black Rock Airport.