Hanover Airport

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: ZA-0148
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Hanover
Longitude: 24.452623
Latitude: -31.075719

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Discover Hannover Airport: Your Gateway to Germany and Beyond


Hannover Airport, also known as Hanover-Langenhagen Airport, is a bustling international gateway serving the Hannover region and the state of Lower Saxony in Germany. As the ninth-largest airport in the country, HAJ Airport plays a crucial role in connecting travelers to destinations across Europe and beyond. With its modern facilities, diverse airline offerings, and efficient transportation options, Hannover Airport provides a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Airlines and Destinations

Hannover Airport is a hub for several major airlines, including Lufthansa, Eurowings, and Ryanair. The airport offers non-stop passenger flights to 67 destinations in 21 countries, catering to both business and leisure travelers. From popular European cities like London, Istanbul, and Amsterdam to regional hubs within Germany, HAJ Airport connects you to a wide range of destinations with ease.

Number of Passengers and Flights

Hannover Airport handles an impressive number of passengers and flights each year. On average, the airport serves around 30,000 passengers and 200 flights per day, making it a significant transportation hub in the region. In recent years, the airport has seen a steady increase in passenger traffic, reflecting its growing importance as a gateway to Germany and beyond.

How to Get Here

Reaching Hannover Airport is a breeze, with several convenient transportation options available. The best way to get to the airport is by taking the S-Bahn train, which runs every 30 minutes from Hannover Central Station and takes approximately 18 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or drive to the airport and park in one of the on-site parking facilities.


Hannover Airport offers a range of parking options to suit your needs. The Parkhaus P2 car park is a secure and conveniently located parking facility, directly at the terminal. With easy access and a shuttle service to the terminal, this parking option provides a hassle-free solution for travelers.

Transportation Price

The cost of transportation to and from Hannover Airport varies depending on the mode of travel. The S-Bahn train is the most affordable option, with a one-way ticket costing around €3.50. Taxi fares from the city center to the airport typically range from €25 to €30, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.

Terminal Layout

Hannover Airport has two terminals, Terminal A and Terminal B, both located in the same building and connected by a covered walkway. Terminal A is the larger of the two and handles the majority of the airport's flights, while Terminal B is used for charter and seasonal flights. Both terminals offer a range of food, shopping, and other amenities to enhance the passenger experience.

Navigate the Airport

Navigating Hannover Airport is straightforward, thanks to clear signage and a well-designed layout. Terminal A and Terminal B are connected by a central security checkpoint, making it easy to move between the two. If you need assistance, the airport's friendly staff are available to provide guidance and information to help you find your way.

Getting Between Terminals

Traveling between Terminal A and Terminal B at Hannover Airport is a breeze. The two terminals are connected by a covered walkway, which takes approximately 5-10 minutes to traverse. If you prefer not to walk, a shuttle bus runs between the terminals every 10-15 minutes, ensuring a seamless transition between the two.

Services and Amenities

Hannover Airport offers a wide range of services and amenities to cater to the needs of its passengers. In addition to the food and shopping options, the airport also provides facilities such as ATMs, currency exchange, and a lost and found service. Travelers can also take advantage of the airport's free Wi-Fi, making it easy to stay connected during their journey.

Restaurants and Shops

Hannover Airport is home to a diverse selection of dining and shopping options. From local German cuisine to international fast-food chains, passengers can find a variety of culinary choices to satisfy their appetites. For those looking to pick up souvenirs or last-minute items, the airport's shops offer a range of products, including local brands and duty-free goods.

Security and Customs

Ensuring a smooth and secure travel experience is a top priority at Hannover Airport. Passengers can expect to go through standard security screening procedures, including the removal of liquids, gels, and electronics for X-ray inspection. For those arriving from international destinations, the airport also offers customs and immigration services to facilitate a seamless entry into Germany.


Hannover Airport is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for all travelers. The airport features designated parking spaces, ramps, and elevators to ensure easy access for passengers with reduced mobility. Additionally, the airport staff are trained to assist travelers with special needs, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

Travel Tips

  • Check your flight status and arrive at the airport with ample time to navigate the terminals and complete security procedures.
  • Take advantage of the airport's free Wi-Fi to stay connected and productive during your time at HAJ.
  • Familiarize yourself with the airport's layout and amenities to make the most of your time at Hannover Airport.
  • Consider booking flights during off-peak periods to avoid the busiest times and minimize stress.
  • Explore the airport's dining and shopping options to discover local German specialties and unique souvenirs.