Riverview Airport

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Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: ZA-0064
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Riverview
Longitude: 32.150001525878906
Latitude: -28.433332443237305

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Welcome to Riverview Airport: Your Gateway to the Skies

Discover the charm of Riverview Airport (FAA LID: 08C), nestled just three miles northwest of Jenison, Michigan. This privately-owned, public-use airport, sprawling across 60 acres and perched at an elevation of 603 feet, offers a unique and inviting atmosphere for travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff alike. Whether you're a seasoned aviator, a passionate plane spotter, or simply embarking on your next journey, this comprehensive guide ensures you navigate Riverview Airport with ease and enjoy every moment of your visit.

Effortless Access to Riverview Airport

Located conveniently close to Jenison, Michigan, Riverview Airport is a breeze to reach via local roads. For those new to the area, we recommend utilizing GPS or map services for direct guidance to the airport. Simply input our address or coordinates for a hassle-free route directly to our welcoming gates. Your journey to Riverview Airport promises to be as seamless as your adventures beyond.

Seamless Navigation Within Riverview Airport

Despite its cozy size, Riverview Airport is designed for effortless navigation. From the moment you arrive, you'll find clear signage pointing you towards all the essential facilities and services. Whether you're here for a fleeting visit or a more extended stay, our airport's intuitive layout ensures you find exactly what you need, right when you need it.

Top-Notch Services and Amenities

Though compact, Riverview Airport is mighty in offerings, providing a variety of services and amenities tailored to our visitors' needs. Our terminal features comfortable waiting areas and restrooms, ensuring a pleasant stay for travelers. Pilots will find solace in our lounge or briefing room, perfect for pre-flight preparations or unwinding post-flight. With fuel services and ample hangar space, we cater to the practical demands of aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Terminal Convenience at Its Best

Our terminal is the heart of Riverview Airport, encapsulating all vital operations under one roof for unmatched convenience. From check-ins to flight briefings, every necessity is just a few steps away. The terminal's straightforward design guarantees quick and easy access to services, streamlining your airport experience.

Navigating Our Single Terminal

With a single terminal layout, moving around Riverview Airport is straightforward. All facilities and services are within a short walk, eliminating the need for complex directions or terminal transfers. This simplicity ensures your focus remains on the excitement of aviation and the warm community atmosphere unique to Riverview Airport.

A Community Hub for Aviation Enthusiasts

Riverview Airport is more than a travel point; it's a thriving community center for aviation lovers. Hosting the Grand Rapids chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, we're proud to offer a space where enthusiasts can gather, share, and celebrate their passion for flying. Whether you're drawn to experimental aircraft, eager to meet like-minded individuals, or simply fascinated by aviation, Riverview Airport welcomes you to explore and connect.

Embark on Your Riverview Airport Adventure

Riverview Airport captures the essence of aviation with its blend of essential services, vibrant community, and inviting atmosphere. Whether your visit is driven by necessity or a love for flying, this guide aims to make your experience at Riverview Airport enjoyable and rewarding. For the latest information, we encourage direct contact with the airport or a visit to our official website. Welcome to Riverview Airport, where every journey begins with a promise of discovery and the sky is just the beginning.