Sace Airport

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: FASU
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Sace
Longitude: 29.211700439453125
Latitude: -25.956899642944336

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  • WindWind: 1.15 m/sec

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Exploring Sace Airport: A Guide for Travelers, Aviation Enthusiasts, and Staff

Nestled in the heart of Córdoba, Argentina, Sace Airport, officially known as Escuela de Aviación Militar Airport (ICAO code: SACE), serves as a pivotal military airbase. While its primary function is to support military operations, understanding its layout and functionalities can offer valuable insights for travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff. This article delves into the unique aspects of Sace Airport, providing a comprehensive guide to navigating its premises.

How to Get Here

Access to Sace Airport is primarily restricted to authorized military personnel and those with official business at the facility. For authorized visitors, reaching the airport requires adherence to specific protocols. Typically, entry is granted through secured checkpoints, where identification and authorization are meticulously verified. Visitors are advised to carry all necessary documentation, including official invitations or orders, to ensure a smooth entry process. Given Sace Airport's military nature, it's located away from dense urban centers, accessible via major highways or local roads, with limited public transportation options. Personal vehicles or authorized military transport are often the preferred methods of arrival.

Navigate the Airport

Navigating a military airport like Sace Airport differs significantly from civilian airports. Upon arrival, visitors can expect thorough security checks. Inside, signage and guidance might be more utilitarian, focusing on efficiency and security rather than commercial convenience. For those authorized to be on-site, familiarizing oneself with the layout in advance and adhering to any escorted protocols is crucial. Military airports are designed for quick and efficient passenger movement, without the extensive retail and leisure facilities found in civilian terminals.

Services and Amenities

Unlike commercial airports, which offer a wide range of services and amenities for travelers, Sace Airport's facilities are tailored to support military operations and personnel. Amenities such as lounges, retail outlets, and dining options are not typically available. However, authorized visitors might find basic services, including restrooms and waiting areas, designated for their use. It's advisable to prepare for your visit by bringing any necessary items, as the availability of public amenities is limited. Expect basic facilities designed to support the needs of military personnel, staff, and authorized visitors, including lounges for resting, basic cafeterias or dining facilities, and possibly a small shop for essentials.

Terminal Layout

Sace Airport's terminal layout is designed to support military efficiency rather than passenger comfort. The layout is characterized by functional buildings, hangars, and operational areas. Public access areas, if any, are clearly demarcated and designed to ensure security protocols are maintained. The terminal's architecture reflects its military purpose, with an emphasis on functionality and security over aesthetic considerations. The terminal might serve both as a passenger processing area and a hub for logistical support activities, designed for efficiency with a straightforward flow from entrance, through security, to the waiting areas and onto the aircraft.

Getting Between Terminals

For airports with multiple terminals or sections, such as Sace Airport, getting between them typically requires following specific procedures. Given the security considerations at military airports, moving between different parts of the airport is strictly regulated. Authorized visitors may need to be transported by military vehicles or escorted on foot, depending on the distance and security requirements. It's essential to coordinate with your military contact or escort to facilitate movement within the airport. Movement between areas may be restricted and subject to escort or clearance, emphasizing the importance of following all guidance and instructions for safety and security.


Sace Airport stands as a testament to the operational capabilities and strategic importance of military aviation in Argentina. While it may not offer the conventional airport experience, understanding its layout, access protocols, and functionalities can be invaluable for authorized visitors. For travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff, gaining insight into the workings of a military airport like Sace Airport offers a unique perspective on the aviation industry's diverse facets. Respecting the protocols and security measures in place is paramount to ensuring the safety and security of all involved. Its facilities, designed with a specific purpose in mind, serve as a crucial hub for Argentina's military aviation operations, offering a rare glimpse into the disciplined and structured world of military aviation for those with the privilege of accessing Sace Airport.