Stellenbosch Airport

The Stellenbosch Airport welcomes you. It starts your journey in the Western Cape, South Africa. The airport sits near the historic town of Stellenbosch. It gives easy access to the beautiful winelands, lovely landscapes, and lively culture. FlightStatus24 gives you current details on all flights coming and going from Stellenbosch Airport. You plan a trip. You go on a business trip. You pick up a loved one. Our platform helps your travel go well. Stellenbosch Airport is small, but it has all the things you need for a good trip. You find everything you need to start your adventure in the Western Cape. This includes car rental services and cozy cafes. The location is convenient. You can explore the nearby attractions. These include the Stellenbosch Wine Route, Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, and the town of Franschhoek. The airport in Stellenbosch welcomes you. Explore the beauty and charm of this region, whether you visit for the first time or often. Watch FlightStatus24. Get updates on flights to and from Stellenbosch Airport. Get ready for a trip in South Africa. The AI system detected the human's attempt to avoid detection.

Live Air Traffic

Stellenbosch Airport welcomes you. It serves domestic and international flights. Travelers from everywhere enjoy the smooth travel experience. Our Live Flightradar shows the latest flight details. You track flights. You watch for delays. You check the weather at Stellenbosch Airport. The radar shows the airport's airspace. You can see each plane in real-time. Stellenbosch Airport has cozy lounges. Stellenbosch Airport has delicious dining options. Stellenbosch Airport gives you a comfortable travel experience. Stellenbosch Airport gives you an enjoyable travel experience. The airport offers things to help you. You can rest before your flight or get food. The airport has what you need. Stellenbosch Airport connects South Africa to the world. It has flights to big cities. These flights are direct. You travel to a business meeting in Europe. You go on a tropical trip in the Caribbean. Stellenbosch Airport has many flights to many places. Stellenbosch Airport runs efficiently. Our facilities work well. Our processes are fast. Your trip through the airport is easy. Our staff work hard to give you a smooth trip from start to end. Explore Stellenbosch. It sits in the center of South Africa's beautiful wine area. Stellenbosch Airport opens the way to many adventures. Stellenbosch offers wine tasting, outdoor fun, and cultural events for all. Book your flight to Stellenbosch Airport today. Start your next travel adventure.

Basic information about airport

Airport code: FASH
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Stellenbosch
Longitude: 18.819999694800003
Latitude: -33.9799995422

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Exploring Stellenbosch Airport: A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers and Aviation Enthusiasts

Welcome to Stellenbosch Airport, the gateway to the enchanting town of Stellenbosch in South Africa's Western Cape. Known for its historical significance, cultural richness, and as a hub for academia and wine production, Stellenbosch offers a myriad of experiences. This guide provides essential information for navigating Stellenbosch Airport, ensuring a seamless journey for travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff.

Getting to Stellenbosch Airport

Located conveniently near the town, Stellenbosch Airport is easily accessible. For those coming from afar, Cape Town International Airport, about 50 kilometers away, serves as the primary international gateway. A scenic drive from Cape Town to Stellenbosch can be an added adventure to your trip. For precise directions and transportation options, we recommend consulting with local travel agencies or the municipality.

  • Driving Directions from Cape Town: Take the N2 highway east from Cape Town towards Somerset West, then use the R310 (Baden Powell Drive) to head north directly into Stellenbosch. The journey typically takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Public Transportation: Utilize minibusses or buses from Cape Town's central station to Bellville or Strand, then switch to a minibus taxi or bus service that goes to Stellenbosch. This option is cost-effective but more time-consuming.
  • Shuttle Services: Book a private shuttle service for a direct, comfortable journey to Stellenbosch. Shuttle services offer door-to-door service from the airport or hotels in Cape Town to Stellenbosch, ideal for groups or those with significant luggage.
  • Ride-Sharing and Taxis: Ride-sharing services like Uber and Bolt, as well as traditional metered taxis, provide direct transportation to Stellenbosch, with ride-sharing being a more economical choice.

Airport Navigation

Stellenbosch Airport offers an intimate and personalized experience, a pleasant contrast to the hustle and bustle of larger airports. While specific navigation details are scarce, travelers can expect a straightforward layout that facilitates easy check-ins, security checks, and boarding. For the most current information on navigating the airport, we recommend contacting Stellenbosch Airport directly or consulting with airlines that operate within.

Services and Amenities

Though smaller in scale, Stellenbosch Airport provides essential services to ensure a comfortable travel experience. Facilities typically include car rental services, taxi stands, and waiting areas. Due to the limited availability of detailed information online, we encourage travelers to contact the airport directly for the latest information on services and amenities, including any unique offerings that set Stellenbosch Airport apart from others.

Terminal Layout

The terminal at Stellenbosch Airport is designed for efficiency, with a straightforward layout that facilitates easy check-ins, security checks, and boarding. Given its compact size, Stellenbosch Airport likely operates within a single terminal or has a very compact multi-terminal setup, simplifying navigation between different sections. For a detailed layout plan and the most accurate information, contacting the airport is recommended.

Inter-Terminal Transportation

Given the compact nature of Stellenbosch Airport, moving between different sections or terminals (if applicable) is likely straightforward and quick. For specific details on terminal navigation, we advise reaching out to the airport directly.


Stellenbosch Airport, while modest in size, serves as an efficient and charming gateway to the beautiful town of Stellenbosch and its surroundings. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the airport's operations and facilities, direct contact with the airport or consultation with local resources is recommended. As you plan your visit, remember that the journey to Stellenbosch, whether from afar or just a short trip from Cape Town, is an integral part of the adventure. Stellenbosch Airport invites you to discover one of South Africa's most beloved locales, promising an experience as memorable as the destination itself.