Sutherland Airport

Sutherland Airport welcomes you. It opens the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. The airport sits in the pretty town of Sutherland. Travelers can use it to see the beautiful land and old history of the area. We know the need to stay informed about your travel plans. We update all flights at Sutherland Airport. Whether you go on a short trip or travel for work, our system helps you stay informed all the time. Sutherland Airport is small, but it offers great amenities and services. The airport has cafes that serve local food. It also has car rentals. You can start your trip well here. The staff helps you. The travel is easy and calm. Sutherland Airport starts your hiking trip in the Highlands or your relaxing stay by the coast. FlightStatus24 helps you travel with confidence and peace. Enjoy your trip.

Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: FASL
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Sutherland
Longitude: 20.697099685668945
Latitude: -32.48820114135742

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Welcome to Sydney Airport: Your Gateway to the Sutherland Shire and Beyond

Sydney Airport, also known as Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, stands as a beacon of travel in Australia, serving as the primary airport for Sydney and the surrounding regions, including the Sutherland Shire. Located just 8 km south of the Sydney central business district, in the suburb of Mascot, this international airport is not only a hub for travelers but also a testament to the vibrant culture and efficiency that Sydney has to offer. This article aims to guide you through Sydney Airport, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience whether you're a traveler, an aviation enthusiast, or airport staff.

How to Get Here

Reaching Sydney Airport is a breeze, thanks to its strategic location and excellent connectivity. Whether you're driving, catching a taxi, or using public transport, the airport is easily accessible. For those preferring public transport, the Airport Link offers a swift and direct train service from the city, with a journey time of approximately 13 minutes from Central Station. This convenience ensures that your journey to the airport is as stress-free as your flight.

Navigate the Airport

Sydney Airport is meticulously divided into three terminals to streamline the flow of passengers and enhance your navigation through the vast space. Terminal 1, the international terminal, is situated in the airport's northwestern sector and is the starting point for your journey beyond Australian borders. Terminals 2 and 3 cater to domestic flights, with Terminal 3 serving as a hub for Qantas domestic flights. The airport is equipped with various signs and information desks, designed to assist you in finding your way with ease.

Services and Amenities

Your comfort and convenience are paramount at Sydney Airport, which is why you'll find a wide array of services and amenities at your disposal. From a selection of shopping and dining options to free Wi-Fi, lounges, baggage services, and car rentals, every aspect of your journey is covered. Additionally, the airport provides facilities tailored for business travelers, families, and those requiring accessible travel, ensuring a pleasant experience for all.

Terminal Layout

The layout of Sydney Airport is designed with the traveler in mind. Terminal 1, dedicated to international flights, boasts an extensive range of gates, shops, and dining options, providing everything you need before your flight. Terminals 2 and 3, focusing on domestic travel, offer a cozy yet efficient space for travelers flying within Australia. Terminal 3, in particular, is a hub for Qantas domestic flights, offering premium services for passengers.

Getting Between Terminals

Transferring between terminals is made effortless with the T-Bus and Airline Transfer buses, which provide free shuttle service between Terminal 1 and the domestic terminals (Terminals 2 and 3). The journey takes about 10 minutes, ensuring that you can move between terminals with minimal hassle. For those needing to transfer between Terminals 2 and 3, a short walk is all that's required, thanks to their adjacent locations.


Sydney Airport is more than just a gateway to the Sutherland Shire and beyond; it's a vibrant community that caters to the needs of travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff alike. With its convenient location, easy navigation, comprehensive services and amenities, and efficient terminal layout, Sydney Airport ensures that your journey begins and ends on a high note. Whether you're embarking on an international adventure, flying domestically, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, Sydney Airport welcomes you with open arms.