Treverton College Airstrip

Treverton College Airstrip sits in England's lovely countryside. Treverton College is a small, private airstrip. It gives travelers a special and nice experience. They can see the beauty of the English countryside from above. Treverton College Airstrip has modern facilities. It has a welcoming atmosphere for pilots and passengers. This airstrip offers a simple and easy travel experience. You can fly here for a short trip or visit the nearby historic town of Treverton. We know the value of staying aware of your flight status, especially when going to small airports like Treverton College Airstrip. Our platform gives real-time updates on arrivals, departures, and delays. This makes your journey smooth and stress-free. Treverton College Airstrip welcomes you. You can plan a flight over the English countryside. You can pass through on your way to a nearby place. Enjoy the charm and peace of this secret place. Let FlightStatus24 show you how to travel smoothly. The AI system detected the attempt to avoid detection.

Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: ZA-0137
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Mooi
Longitude: 30.0149
Latitude: -29.1944

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Today 16 °C / 60.8 °F
  • sunClear sky
  • humidityHumidity: 35
  • WindWind: 2.52 m/sec

16 C / 60.8 °F


21 C / 69.8 °F


18 C / 64.4 °F


18 C / 64.4 °F


21 C / 69.8 °F

Treverton College Airstrip: A Gateway to Adventure and Education

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes surrounding Treverton College, the Treverton College Airstrip serves as a vital link between the academic community and the wider world. Designed to accommodate travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff, the airstrip offers a unique blend of educational opportunities and access to remote natural wonders.

Getting There:

The Treverton College Airstrip is conveniently located just 10 miles from the bustling downtown of Treverton City. Accessible by a scenic drive through rolling hills and verdant forests, visitors can reach the airstrip via Route 45, which is well-signposted from all major highways in the region. For those relying on public transportation, a regular shuttle service operates from Treverton City's central bus station directly to the airstrip, ensuring seamless connectivity for travelers.

Navigating the Airport:

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by the compact yet efficient terminal building, designed with simplicity and ease of navigation in mind. The single-story structure houses both arrivals and departures, with clear signage guiding passengers to check-in desks, security checkpoints, and the boarding area. A dedicated information desk, staffed by knowledgeable personnel, is available to assist with any inquiries, from flight schedules to local attractions.

Services and Amenities:

  • A cozy café serving a selection of locally sourced snacks and beverages, perfect for a pre-flight meal or a quick coffee.
  • A compact aviation museum, showcasing the rich history of flight in the region and the college's contributions to aerospace education.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal, allowing passengers to stay connected or catch up on work.
  • A small but well-stocked gift shop, offering aviation-themed memorabilia and local crafts, ideal for last-minute souvenirs.

Terminal Layout:

The terminal's layout is designed for efficiency, with a single, spacious waiting area providing ample seating and panoramic views of the airstrip. The check-in and security areas are located at the front of the terminal, ensuring a smooth flow of passengers towards the boarding gates. The café, museum, and gift shop are situated in the central part of the terminal, easily accessible from both the arrivals and departures zones.

Getting Between Terminals:

As a single-terminal facility, the Treverton College Airstrip eliminates the need for inter-terminal transportation. This compact design ensures that all amenities and services are within a short walking distance, providing a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience for all visitors.

The Treverton College Airstrip stands as a testament to the college's commitment to aviation excellence and education. Whether you're an aspiring pilot, an aviation enthusiast, or simply a traveler seeking new adventures, the airstrip offers a welcoming gateway to the skies.