Warrenton Airport

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Live Air Traffic

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Basic information about airport

Airport code: ZA-0050
Type: small
Continent: AF
Country code: ZA
Country: South
City Warrenton
Longitude: 24.87179946899414
Latitude: -28.12070083618164

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Exploring Warrenton–Fauquier Airport: A Guide for Travelers and Aviation Enthusiasts

Nestled 14 miles southeast of the charming town of Warrenton, in the scenic landscapes of Fauquier County, Virginia, lies the Warrenton–Fauquier Airport (ICAO: KHWY, FAA LID: HWY, formerly W66). Serving as a beacon for general aviation, this public airport welcomes travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and airport staff with its unique offerings and serene environment. While it may not boast the bustling activity of commercial airline service, its significance in the aviation community is undeniable.

How to Get Here

Reaching Warrenton–Fauquier Airport is a journey through the picturesque settings of Virginia. Located conveniently 14 miles southeast of Warrenton, the airport is accessible by road, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. For those navigating their way, it's advisable to use a GPS or a reliable map service, entering the airport's coordinates or FAA LID: HWY to ensure a smooth journey. Given its general aviation nature, public transport options may be limited, making personal vehicles or taxi services the preferred methods of arrival.

Navigate the Airport

Simplicity is the hallmark of Warrenton–Fauquier Airport. Unlike its larger counterparts, navigating through the airport is straightforward, thanks to its single terminal layout. This ease of navigation ensures that visitors can move around comfortably without the fear of getting lost. For first-time visitors or those unfamiliar with general aviation airports, don't hesitate to ask the friendly airport staff for guidance or directions.

Services and Amenities

While Warrenton–Fauquier Airport may not offer the extensive range of services found at major airports, it provides essential amenities that cater to the needs of its visitors. These include:

  • Parking facilities
  • Car rental services for those looking to explore the surrounding areas
  • Basic passenger comforts
The airport's Fixed-base operator (FBO) is at the heart of its services, offering fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, and flight instruction for aviation enthusiasts and pilots.

Terminal Layout

The terminal at Warrenton–Fauquier Airport embodies the essence of general aviation airports—functional, efficient, and user-friendly. With a single terminal building, the layout is designed to facilitate easy access to all necessary services, ensuring a stress-free visit. Inside, visitors will find a welcoming atmosphere, with staff ready to assist with any inquiries or needs.

Getting Between Terminals

Given the airport's single-terminal design, moving between different areas is a seamless experience. This simplicity allows visitors to focus more on the purpose of their visit, whether it's embarking on a flying adventure, indulging in aviation-related activities, or simply enjoying the serene airport environment.

Final Thoughts

Warrenton–Fauquier Airport stands as a testament to the beauty and simplicity of general aviation. While it may not provide the detailed information online typically found for larger airports, its charm lies in the personal experience it offers. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visitors are encouraged to contact the airport directly or visit its official website if available. Whether you're a seasoned traveler, an aviation enthusiast keen on exploring the skies, or an airport staff member proud of your workplace, Warrenton–Fauquier Airport welcomes you with open arms, ready to be the starting point of your next journey.

Remember, the journey to and through Warrenton–Fauquier Airport is as much a part of the adventure as the destination itself. Safe travels!