Cathay Pacific Flight Status

Cathay Pacific Airways History

Cathay Pacific Airways is the official flag carrier of Hong Kong and was established in 1946 by an American and an Australian investor. The airline consistently ranks as one of the best in the world thanks to its 60 years of experience in the aviation industry. Cathay Pacific operated the first flight that landed at Hong Kong international airport when it was still a new airport. The company prides itself on delivering the very best in customer service and expect that their staff are always ready to meet any needs a passenger may have, this has also been the airline’s golden rule since its inception. Cathay Pacific bought their first aircraft, a Douglas DC-3, in 1945. The aircraft was named Betsy and it remained in service for a number of years. Betsy can be viewed in the Hong Kong science museum where she is being displayed as a piece of living history. The first investors had a dream of flying a route over the Pacific ocean, the company name is derived from this dream. Cathay Pacific refers to the ancient name for China, which was Cathay and the Pacific ocean. This dream was realised in the 1970’s when Cathay Pacific undertook their first flight across the Pacific ocean.
By 1947 Cathay Pacific had managed to add an additional three planes to their fleet, which began the process of expansion into the jet age of the 1960’s. Cathay Pacific proceeded to buy Hong Kong airways in a bid to eliminate competition, this move had the desired effect and the airline soon became one of the first to fly to Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka in Japan. Cathay Pacific made history when it was the last airline to depart from the old Hong Kong airport and also the first to land at the new Hong Kong airport on the next day. Cathay Pacific was also the first airline to introduce self-service check-in functionality using the modern kiosks we see at airports today.

Cathay Pacific Flight Status

Cathay Pacific Fleet

Cathay Pacific operates a total of 145 aircraft. The airline is unique in the fact that it only operates wide-bodied aircraft such as the Airbus A300 range and several Boeing 777’s. Cathay Pacific had recently placed an order for several additional Boeing 777’s and Airbus A-350’s and is expecting delivery of these aircraft in 2018. The entire fleet is equipped with advanced tracking technology that enables customers to check the status of their flight using an application like You can use Cathay Pacific Flight Status to find flights to every

Cathay Pacific Interesting Facts

Cathay Pacific is a completely privately owned airline with no governmental investment. The airline often wins awards for the best airline worldwide. There have only been eight accidents in the history of the airline making them one of the safest to travel with. Cathay Pacific offers excellent amenities to its first and business class travellers, including a lie-flat bed which is almost 2 metres in length. Cathay Pacific is not only involved in the airline business, it also owns several subsidiary companies which dabble in property development. In an attempt to improve customer service delivery, all Cathay Pacific flight crew practise the correct pronunciation of the names and surnames of business and first class customers. Many customers have remarked that this made them feel especially welcome on board the aircraft.

Cathay Pacific Flight Status and Destinations

Cathay Pacific has a total 77 destinations on offer, the company prides itself on living up to its slogan of “life well travelled” The destinations are spread across six continents and most routes are serviced via a hub and spoke system from the airline’s main hub at Hong Kong airport. Cathay Pacific also offer a holiday planning service which gives customers access to better rates for accommodation and vehicle rentals at several selected destinations. Cathay Pacific flight status prided itself on being one of the most enjoyable airlines to travel with and they seem to be living up to this promise.

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