SkyLink Express Flight Status

SkyLink Express History

In February 1994, this airline company started after the formation of QuikAire Cargo in line with the acquisition of Cessna 208B Grand Caravan to meet the specialized demand in the Canadian air cargo market. During that time, the said fleet is believed to perfectly serve short-haul, air cargo services to the overnight courier industry.

In April 1996, QuikAire Cargo signed a partnership agreement with SkyLink Group of Companies and formed SkyLink Express Inc. This new relationship was seen to be the stepping stone for the growth of their cargo airline due to its acquisition of those express feeder contracts across Canada. SkyLink Express Inc. voiced out its eagerness to be the pioneer carrier in Canada to operate Raytheon factory-converted Beech 1900C freighters.

In July 2019, SkyLink Express enter to another partnership with Cargojet’s subsidiary, Prince Edward Air Ltd. All of its operational assets and even the routes have been combined. This partnership makes a way in consolidating market share and even in progressing cost-effectiveness thru leveraging the larger scale of operations.

In July 2010, exactly a year later, SkyLink Express decided to purchase 100% of the Cargojet Regional Partnership as part of their national growth strategy. All of the established operations go back under SkyLink trade name, thus becoming the new leader in the pre-defined regional air cargo market place.

In 2013, SkyLink Express continues its growth and expansion through acquiring national courier contracts for bases in Vancouver and Winnipeg.

For almost 25 years in the industry, the company still keep in mind the safety and reliability of the services that they are offering to their clients throughout North America. Currently, it has over 250,000 cargo flights.

SkyLink Express Fleet

SkyLink Express operations and services make use of eleven 1900C and five 208B aircraft for its large regional fleet coming from its facilities in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton and Montréal-Mirabel / Québec City.

The Raytheon Beechcraft 1900C Freighter or also known as the workhorse of the sky is specifically designed for regional operations due to its excellent performance. Some of these aircraft proven characteristics are the excellent performance, safety, and versatility. No wonder that it became the number one choice with regional airlines.

The Cessna Grand Caravan / Super Cargo Master 208B Freighter is another fleet that is known to be one of the reliable, versatile and the most cost-effective airplanes ever built. Some of its features include single-engine, high wing turboprop with fixed landing gear, and unpressurized. It is known for its ability to land on less-than-perfect surfaces especially in remote areas.

SkyLink Express Destinations

It offers 24/7 air cargo solutions throughout North America. Regardless of the time of the day, the company is ready for your shipment together with the dedicated air cargo bases that are located in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton/Toronto and even at Montreal/Mirabel. Chose SkyLink Express and rest assured that what you’ll be sending will reach your desired destination without any hassle. You can check its flight status online to be aware of the exact location of the aircraft and be notified real-time of any changes such as cancellation or delayed operations.