Sun Country Airlines Flight Status

Via you can turn any device into an Sun Country Airlines flight tracker in seconds. To follow the Sun Country Airlines flight status you just have follow the steps below:

    • Take your flight number that you want to track;
    • On the top right corner you find a looking glass logo, click on it;
    • Enter the Sun Country Airlines flight number;
    • You will see a drop down menu showing all the flights and extra information about the flights. Select the flight that you are interested in by clicking on it.
    • The radar will now find the plane and follow it on the Sun Country Airlines flight tracker

Sun Country Airlines History

Sun Country Airlines was founded in 1983 by Captain Jim Olsen with only one plane that he piloted and 36 other employees. The airline is based at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport and is a low-cost airline, which flies passengers to leisure destinations. Their headquarters is in Minneapolis and the airline uses Dallas/Fort Worth as a focus city.
They operate charter as well as scheduled flights to destinations in the USA and international flights to Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.Sun Country Airlines Flight Status

Sun Country Airlines Fleet

Sun Country airlines have a fleet of 23 Boeing aircraft which consist of Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft with an additional 2 Boeing 737-800 models on order. Their livery is blue and red with an S on the tailfin. During their busy season, they hire planes in from other airlines to assist with the volume of passengers.

Sun Country Airlines Interesting Facts

During 2009 Sun Country Airlines introduced a program called Sun Country Vacations that enables customers to use a single transaction to book flights, hotels and more. They offer this package to numerous destinations to ensure customer satisfaction during their vacation. They intend adding on to the program in the coming years. The airline today employs more than 1800 people from their humble beginning with 32 people and one plane. Their name is very apt as they enable their customers to follow the sun. From November 2018 they intend spending more than $20 million on the revamping of the interior of their planes.

Sun Country Airlines Flight Status and Destinations

Sun Country Airlines flies to more than 44 destinations spread through the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rico and the United States. They fly all year scheduled flights to 16 of the destinations. They operate seasonal flights to Gatwick airport in London, UK with stopovers in Gander and Labrador. During 2017 the airline started operating charter flights between Cuba and New York. They fly during summer to Alaska and California and in winter to Mexico and Florida. In addition to this they do charter flights for the United States Armed Forces when needed. You can use the Sun Country Airlines flight status to track flights all over the globe!

All flights can also be tracked using applications like to monitor the progress of the flight as it crosses the globe. You can get constant updates and alerts when possible delays occur, ensuring that you are always informed on the status of your flight

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