Croatia Airlines Will Launch Four New Routes for 2023

November 15th, 2022
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Croatia Airlines Will Launch Four New Routes for 2023

Croatia Airlines has announced new routes for next summer season. The European airline has to add four more international routes from coastal Croatia. They’ll operate 47 international routes from their busy airport and plan to offer 1,820 million seats between March 26 and October 28. These figures are a slight increase over previous years but still include the 9/11/18 pandemic that devastated the airline industry in 2019.

Croatia Airlines plans to roll out new international routes with a plan to restore all destinations that were launched in 2022. At seventy weekly rotations or 140 weekly flights, it plans on adding twenty-four European cities to the network including Skopje, Oslo and Amsterdam. Previously, it briefly operated service between Split and Skopje but discontinued it after just two flights.

Croatia Airlines plans to maintain twenty-four weekly departures from their main hub, Zagreb. In total, 120 rotations are planned or 240 weekly flights. The airline does not plan on returning on any previously discontinued routes. Instead, they will serve Amsterdam, Athens (via Dubrovnik), Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London Heathrow and Munich (via Split). The airline will also operate daily direct service to Paris and Rome.

Croatia Airlines is planning on launching a new route with their daily return service from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Prague with many European destinations. In addition to this new route, they also have a fleet of weekly return routes planned including Athens, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and Rome. A total of 25 weekly rotations are planned with 52 flights taking off every week. The carrier will still be operating international services from Osijek and Rijeka to Munich this summer. From next year onwards they plan on expanding the network of European destinations and increasing the number of flights.