Guide to USA Holidays & Travel Around America

September 19th, 2019
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Given the enormous size of the United States of America, there are absolutely plenty of ways, plenty of sights, plenty of smell, and plenty of tastes that this country has to offer its travelers.

Whether you are on a business trip trying to close a deal in the US, an immigrant who wants to have a piece of the American Dream, a student who wants to further your knowledge, or plainly and simply a leisure traveler who dreams of stepping on American soil and have your trip of a lifetime, the United States got something under its sleeves for you. What is more interesting is you can save money when you travel to America, but it varies a lot by state. With that said, here are a few tips we think can guide you on your next trip to the USA!

Book your Flight and Hotel in Advance

If you are on a tight budget, then planning ahead of the actual travel will prove to be beneficial. Having enough time to prepare for your journey gives you more options along the way and also, you will be able to arrive at sound decisions as you are not time-pressured.

A good rule of thumb in taking advantage of cheap flights and hotels is to book during the lean season, where casual travelers take a break or financially prepare for the holidays. And while you are preparing your itinerary, it is good to be ready as well with apps that can provide lots of convenience in your travels. Since the United States is a huge country, going around by land can be time-consuming. It would be best to include domestic flights to give you more time. On the actual day of your flight, it pays to be up to date with the aircraft information of your plane through Flightstatus24, a flight tracking app which provides you with real-time information of passenger aircraft all over the world. With this app, you will have more control over your time and schedule.

When it comes to budget airlines, one household name for the Americans come to mind. Spirit Airlines operates a fleet of 119 aircraft composed mostly of Airbus A320. They are the first ultra-low-cost carrier to feature a high-speed WiFi while aboard the aircraft. You can track their fleet all over the US using the app mentioned above.

Be Familiar with Local Transportation

The US is one of the few countries in the world that has a good transportation network. Their roads and rails are well connected from city to city and even from state to state. When visiting the US, don’t be afraid to use public transport, as their cities have convenient public transportation options including trains and buses that are well connected. In addition to immersing yourself to the daily life of a normal American, you will get to save up as they are cheap compared to metered taxis, plus there are package options for visitors which covers both buses and subway so you do not need to buy a single journey ticket every time you intend to use the metro rail.

When traveling from one state to another and you are a sightseeing type of person, you may opt to take the train. It may not be the quickest and most affordable travel option, but it certainly is comfortable, and you will get some scenic views along the track. You can travel in segments or take a multi-day trip from the east coast to the west coast at a reasonable price. 

And although there may be mixed opinions on the legality or safety of this practice, hitchhiking is very much common in the US. You will have the chance to get around the country for free, immerse with firsthand stories from locals, and have some entertaining experience in the process too! Just be respectable and don’t forget to smile.

Map out the United States of America

As we have said earlier, the United States America – with its huge landmass – offers a variety of activities, sights, and other surprises in store for us to discover. When planning a travel to the US, be realistic! You will never be able to travel every attraction with a limited amount of time. We, therefore, suggest for first-timers, to be specific in your agenda. Get a map of the US and determine which place or activity gets your interest the most. Are you fond of architecture and other structures? Perhaps you are into visiting the US’ concrete jungles such as New York, Chicago, Boston, and other highly urbanized megacities. Are you more of a nature-lover? Perhaps you would like to consider visiting their national parks – they got a lot of these – and be one with nature. Do you hear the waves calling? Perhaps you can pay a visit to this country’s pristine and popular beaches where Florida’s tropical weather comes to mind. With its vast coastline, you will never get enough of its beaches. Are you a history buff and would like to experience firsthand the history of the American people, then you may opt to pay a visit to their museums where you will get information overloaded with the rich history of the US.

Whatever your dream trip looks like, paying a visit to the United States of America gives you vast choices of activities to do and memories to make as it this country is a melting pot of history, technological advancement, and diversity.