Spirit Airlines flight status

Via flightstatus24.com you can turn any device into an Spirit Airlines flight status tracker in seconds. To follow the Spirit Airlines flight status you just have follow the steps below:

  • Take your flight number that you want to track;
  • On the top right corner you find a looking glass logo, click on it;
  • Enter the Spirit Airlines flight number;
  • You will see a drop down menu showing all the flights and extra information about the Spirit Airlines flight status. Select the flight that you are interested in by clicking on it. The radar will now find the plane and follow it on the Spirit Airlines flight status tracker

History of Spirit Airline

The company was first called Clippert Trucking Company when founded in 1964 and changed the name in 1974 to Ground Air Transfer Inc. The airline was started in 1983 in Macomb County Michigan as Charter One which offered charter travel to destinations to the Bahamas, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. In the 90’s they offered scheduled flights to Atlantic City from Boston and Rhode Island. In 1992 the name was changed to Spirit Airlines after they acquired jet aircraft. Spirit Airlines started with scheduled flights between Atlantic City and Detroit on 1 June 1992 and other destinations followed soon. During 1999 they moved their headquarters to Miramar, Florida. In 2007 they started transforming into a low-cost carrier by changing their fare model. They delinked certain amenities from the ticket price and if the passenger wanted it, they could get it as add-ons. This led to an increase in revenue. They were the first airline in the US to charge for carry-on bags in 2011.  Sinse they have grown to become North America’s eight largest airline with flights in the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin- and South America. They operate bases in Atlantic City, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

Spirit Airlines Flight Status

Spirit Airline Fleet

Spirit Airlines has a fleet of more than 119 aircraft which consists mainly of the Airbus A320 aircraft range and with more than 50 new Airbus aircraft on order. The airline was the first American airline to fly the A320neo and constantly renew their aircraft to ensure that they use the latest technology available. Their livery changed several times and currently sports the yellow taxi livery with the Spirit logo on the tailfin.

Spirit Airline Facts and Figures

Spirit Airlines is acknowledged as one of the 10 Safest Airlines in the world and has never been involved in an accident. They are also the first ultra-low-cost carrier to provide high-speed Wi-Fi on their aircraft. They also offer a Spanish-language customer service plan with website and reservation to cater for Latin American passengers. Their entire fleet consists of the Airbus A320 range of aircraft with orders placed for more Airbus aircraft.

Spirit Airline flight status Arrival times and Departure times

You can also track the arrival times and departure times of any Spirit Airline flight on our website! Simply find the flight in the search function of the radar on the top of the page and find all the relevant information.

Spirit Airline Destinations

Spirit Airlines flies to more than 65 destinations spread through the Caribbean, South America, Central America and the United States. They have the second best performance in the USA for being on-time after being last in 2015. The airline has an excellent safety record. All flights can also be tracked using applications like flightstatus.co.uk to monitor the progress of the flight as it crosses the globe. You can get constant updates and alerts when possible delays occur, ensuring that you are always informed on the status of your flight.

Spirit Airline Operating Bases