Heavier Winter Passengers Stop United Airlines Sending Its Boeing 757s on Flights

November 26th, 2022
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Heavier Winter Passengers Stop United Airlines Sending Its Boeing 757s on Flights

United Airlines is removing specific, discounted seats on its fleet of Boeing 757 aircraft due to regulations at the destination. This is a page on the airline’s website that shows what the available seats look like by row, passenger type, and price tier.

What causes the issue?

As part of a memo, the FAA outlined average weights for passengers and their checked and carry-on luggage. This information could help operators develop and receive approval for a Weight and Balance (W&B) control program.

In a recent memo released by the FAA based on their yearly review of the average passenger weight, they discovered an increase in average weight for both summer and winter. The average weight for male passengers rose from 205 to 205 pounds in both seasons, and female passenger weights rose 10 percent, reaching 184 pounds in the summer while remaining as roughly 150 pounds during the winter.

The FAA found that winter travel luggage is the heaviest year because of winter clothing. It also affects how often passengers are weighed on flights. The increased weight increases luggage weight by five pounds each time, according to FAA regulations.

Which seats are blocked on the bus?

Air Canada recently responded to a customer’s concerns by removing seats on their Boeing 757 to rebalance the aircraft. The blocked seats are now fitted with a red seat belt sleeve and zip tie to ensure passengers cannot use them during the flight.

You might find that United’s website doesn’t offer the option to reserve a specific seat, even if there’s one available on their flights. However, savvy travelers know they can choose no-nose neighbor seats like European business class by choosing adjacent seats.